16-year-old girl held captive for a week and gang-raped by six, including two minors, found in a state of shock

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A teenage girl was reportedly held captive for nearly five days and raped repeatedly by six men and boys in the latest sexual assault case that has sparked national outrage in India.

jorge rivera: Trump 2020 Close our borders please

Grandfather Clock: SAVAGES

gone cray: If it was America and she got pregnant the republican party says she has to keep it because they are some sick people like the rapist in this article

Kathleen Birch: What the hell is up with India??? This seems to be everyday news!

Nancy Hall: sick


TEST INTEL - 7 days ago
Ginny McCoy - 10 days ago
When will men be held accountable! What kind of men are You women raising? Stay home teach your children to behave themselves! First priority is raising your children fit for society and the world! Men You need serious help! Rape, abuse and torture, women, children and animals! This needs to change! Now🕊
Jerry Chitty - 11 days ago
Eye for an eye
Michelle Seltzer - 11 days ago
User from NV - 11 days ago
Love this article specially because I am from Honduras and is true what Jacinta reference to.,
John Lundvall - 11 days ago
when caught public castration and shot before firing squad that would deter future crimes of that sort
Brenda Nicholas - 15 days ago
this poor girl has been through extremely awful incident but because of the media coverage these guys will actually be punished. I guess many of you use call ins as of 4 to talk about political issues or race issues I'm sure there's another Avenue fur those kind of statements I hope this group of guys get what they deserve and the victim gets some counseling I was able to move on. I think the fact that these guys are going to be punished will help the young lady in the grieving process
Highland Lakes - 19 days ago
Muslim savages have been taught there are no limits.
Catherine Rose Harris - 19 days ago
Just sick! Justice 4 this girl.
User from NC - 19 days ago
No thank you
User from CA - 20 days ago
🤮so sad this world
Tracy Addington - 20 days ago
go maga Trump 20/20 all the way baby
Tracy Addington - 20 days ago
oh please pretty please bring more of these kind of people to our great country there's such terrific people! unbelievable!!!!!
User from TX - 20 days ago
Evil evil evil
CW - 20 days ago
The world is in an unbelievable evil cycle right now.I pray every night that people come to their senses,realize what they are doing is the devil in them and God says,enough is enough! You either listen to God or the devil,there is no in between.I'm not some Zealot,but I'm starting to understand that Satan has a grip on people right now and they need to fight hard to turn this world around or we are all doomed.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
User from OR - 21 days ago
Trump kind of people
User from Mars - 21 days ago
🤢🤮 Why do we keep shutting our eyes to these atrocities?!
MALLEUS M. - 21 days ago
if it weren't for men wouldn't nobody be here
Perez Perez - 21 days ago
a henious crime like the one theodore velasquez who committed in lynn raping 8yr old cousin juanita Santiago and 7yr old cousin deija Santiago from haverhill st .. The lopez family in Lawrence Massachusetts ... their father Felix Santiago was beat up with a bat upside the head ... Felix Santiago died ... theodore still raping the girls and still out in the streets selling heroin
Jey Cee - 21 days ago
🏛TRUMP🏛: RE-Elect the MF again..😲😂
T Porchia - 21 days ago
nothing new for India
User from TX - 21 days ago
Daniel Ray Willis - 21 days ago
They Worship Idols.
Daniel Ray Willis - 21 days ago
Their evil thing people.
kalle garcia - 22 days ago
castration then prison
Homer Osborne - 22 days ago
Ronnie Dio - 22 days ago
TRUMP 2020!
Jose Gazpacho - 22 days ago
"engineering students" H1B's coming to a domestic auto industry near you
Kathleen Birch - 22 days ago
What the hell is up with India??? This seems to be everyday news!
User from MN - 22 days ago
You always blaming on the Saudi for most of the problems that are happening in India and it’s sucks