Amy Schumer Shares Touching Photo of Her Baby Son

Cafemom - 22 days ago


What can we say? We absolutely adore this mommy-son pair. (They're definitely one of the cutest around!) Amy Schumer's latest photo with her baby son is not only making heart everywhere melt but is even getting a clap of praise for showing the reality of postpartum life.

Cheryl Smalley: love to see mom and baby. adorable

JamesR68: Nasty 🐖


Richard Davis - 19 days ago
she looks like a miss piggy to me!
The Unindicted Coconspirator - 19 days ago
Looks like Shrek's ol lady
The Unindicted Coconspirator - 19 days ago
I had a very nice bowel movement this morning. 🚽
Richard Davis - 20 days ago
looks like a pig!
User from OH - 20 days ago
Does anyone else think she looks like Miss Piggy?
JamesR68 - 21 days ago
Nasty 🐖
Billy Murphy - 21 days ago
hopefully now she won't be so vulgar now that she's a mom
Jim Slife - 21 days ago
is she related to chuck
William Dize - 21 days ago
when is that pig going away. and try to be a mom
Cheryl Smalley - 21 days ago
love to see mom and baby. adorable
User from NY - 21 days ago
You can’t even see his face! Smh