Kobe Bryant, Wife Announce Major Personal News

thespun.com - 25 days ago


It’s been a rather quiet Friday in the NBA, as the dust has settled from the draft. At least that was until Kobe Bryant announced major personal news on social media. The Lakers legend and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, announced in January that they were expecting another daughter on the way. It would mark the fourth child in the family, joining Natalia, Gianna and Bianca.

Pearlie Mae Rouse: congratulations to the Bryant's on the birth of their daughter Capri Kobe Bryant

Scott Mcfeely: Poor dude wants a boy to continue the Bryant legacy. and her eggs are overpowering. 🤦‍♂️💁‍♀️👧👧👧👧

HDChurch Tallahassee: Congratulations!

Rosemary Vincent: Congratulations to the Bryant family.

I Rep That WEST!: Who cares.


Corey Hinton - 22 days ago
Clint Hamilton - 23 days ago
another day with the kardashians....oh sorry thats not. them
Justin Buchanan - 23 days ago
i have 2 daughters and 2 sons, my babyboy is 9 weeks tomorrow ☺
Marguerite Fluker - 23 days ago
Frederick Henley, it's The man who determine the sex of the kids, the man has the x and y chromosome and the lady has just x. X and X = female ,XandY = male
Charlene Bell - 23 days ago
one of his first will be that one great basketball player like her dad 😊❤
User from CA - 23 days ago
Well I guess if you cannot make a boy, you name your last Kobe🤣😂
Scooby-mn - 23 days ago
Kobe I have daughter to I feel your pain lol.
Caleb Nwaobia - 23 days ago
Congrats to Kobe & his wife
Felicia Rounds - 24 days ago
Congratulations Bryant Family on Your New Addition
Ced Hicks - 24 days ago
My Man Kobe still scoring !😂👌
Beasley Allen - 24 days ago
keep trying kobe yo luck will change. Boy will be here in next two yrs 👦
Ed Robinson - 24 days ago
Much ♥️ to Kobe & Wife Vanessa; I thought U were gonna name this one Caressa lol ☺️ 👌✌️👍
Lee 'Chota' Komen - 24 days ago
nice kobe
Espie Nunez - 24 days ago
Congratulations Bryant Family...4 PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGELS👼👼👼👼💖💖💖💖💋💋💋💋
Paul Luna - 24 days ago
congratulations Kobe. Why can't you produce any boy's to continue your legacy.
Sadiq • - 24 days ago
How can I fix my notifications to not get news on Kobe Bryant ?
Brenda Young-Thomas - 24 days ago
Congratulations to them
Frederick Henley - 24 days ago
I hope he got his shotguns ready. damn when you be able to make a son LOL
KENNY W.......... - 24 days ago
keep trying Kobe and congratulations
robert draper - 24 days ago
I am very happy for the Bryant family
Contrinia Payne - 24 days ago
Dee Kay - 24 days ago
who cares
J.T.23 - 24 days ago
kobe is o-4 😳
Elvin Turner - 24 days ago
John E Baumgartner - 24 days ago
Kobe just wants a boy
I Rep That WEST! - 24 days ago
Who cares.
Erik Hicks - 24 days ago
CAN'T have a boy at ALL i see
Rosemary Vincent - 24 days ago
Congratulations to the Bryant family.
HDChurch Tallahassee - 25 days ago
Scott Mcfeely - 25 days ago
Poor dude wants a boy to continue the Bryant legacy. and her eggs are overpowering. 🤦‍♂️💁‍♀️👧👧👧👧