Cardi B's Grammy-Winning Producer Shot to Death in Los Angeles

AceShowbiz - 06-19


Quick to pay tribute to slain DJ Official on social media are Ty Dolla $ign, who questions the motive behind the drive-by shooting, and DJ Mustard, who vows to take care of his newborn son.

Big901?: she sacrificed him to keep getting that money and fam.

rod runner be be: The talk is always about Black lives matter. The music is one thing that doesn't slow down Black on Black shooting. It the neighborhood⛪and neighborhood can't solve their own crimes can't ask the white society to do it. Blacks kill more black than white kills Blacks in America🤔

Coni Fanza: another legend the way side what will it take for my brothers to realize that

Pine Apple: it was a close friend set him up

Quincy Joseph: Sound like a Sacrifice to me!!!!SMH!!!!


Sandi Weston - 4 days ago
probably for producing her so called music.
MARVIN BALLIN SR. - 7 days ago
Jade Lee - 13 days ago
too bad it wasn't that talentless dirty skank
Shanghai - 15 days ago
the IGNORANCE seems to be outstanding..wao..🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
Shelly Adele Peterson - 16 days ago
Ugly garbed up mess.
Stephanie Pierce - 16 days ago
maybe now we won't have to hear her nasty trashy self anymore.
Anna Rathbun - 17 days ago
the names of these people..How does anyone take DJ Mustard seriously. I feel like they belong in a rab version of Clue. 😂😂😂
Amos Kingfish - 17 days ago
Who cares about this trash!
aßk illumanti then YouTube illumanti sacrifice cadi b producer. get some snacks
Mary M - 18 days ago
no body become famous, get killed for insurance purposes?
Christine Askins - 18 days ago
alot of rappers dying in LA why is that this now this man ppl get jealous on how u live and making money and wanna take ya life this what black ppl do SMH it's sad
User from IL - 19 days ago
Wow 😮
Chris Jones - 20 days ago
Quentin Howell - 21 days ago
yep that was a blood sacrifice smh
User from OH - 21 days ago
Her sacrifice
ELECTRIC 9 - 21 days ago
White Castle relaxes everyone brother! 5 cheese burgers, 1 fries, Strawberries shake! and Popcorn fish for later..🤗🤗🤓!
nemo gwala - 22 days ago
User from VA - 22 days ago
Tupoc murder solved and biggie murder and terry carter and suge knight the big bad devil is in prison for life no parole
Lawrence Woods - 23 days ago
your not safe if you a rapper in another hood
Garner Fooks - 24 days ago
Rob CCJ - 24 days ago
Fame never loses a victim...! However people still want it....!
Franklin Payne - 25 days ago
Stay off the internet with all that money gold platinum diamonds sterling silver if you gonna do that you got to talk it like you walk it
Quincy Joseph - 26 days ago
Sound like a Sacrifice to me!!!!SMH!!!!
Oakmtn - 26 days ago
Life sure is cheap in da hood.
User from TX - 26 days ago
Y’all keep up the good work.
Impress of penticales - 26 days ago
nahh the bay area is hateful and don't want to others have a good time. why you think Drake didn't stay to celebrate the winnings of the last worriors game. his security warned him these niggas is broke be fronting and ready to stop yo life at any giving moment by any means necessary. I know it happen to me on another level. Just because a your alive doesn't mean that your feel me
Antonio Dominguez - 27 days ago
they aint going back cali this is gang territory
REGGIE HERNANDEZ - 27 days ago
Tawana Lee - 27 days ago
User from TX - 27 days ago
Why I’m so sick and tired of this violence