Largest CCSO drug bust - 27 days ago


FROM LEFT: Daniel Battisti, Lisa Bonugli and Jeffery Conner. (Mug shots by Citrus County Sheriff’s Office on June 18, 2019)

Stacy dash: crystal meth all over this.

Keith Denham: I voted for Trump

Stacy dash: They look so scary.

David Anderson: trump amerikkka

Edward Estes: Hillary for HANGING


David Anderson - 19 hours ago
trump amerikkka
Araceli Mata - 20 hours ago
Christopher Johnson - 1 days ago
seems like you all have everything under control. I ll just keep my mouth shut
Doris H - 2 days ago
the usual suspects👹
Kevin Johnson - 3 days ago
Tweakers n Freakers
Michael Graystone - 5 days ago
Meth chick looks like the maggots are already working on her face. I guess some guys find that attractive I'm just not one of them.
Edward Estes - 7 days ago
Hillary for HANGING
the PUNISHER? - 7 days ago
These tweakers need to be rounded ip and sent to internment camps where they could housed cheaply and controlled. arresting this scum and releasing them in a few months is'nt working. Obviously
Edward Estes - 8 days ago
Hillary for HANGING
Keith Denham - 12 days ago
I voted for Trump
User from FL - 13 days ago
Good Well done
Doreen Martinez - 25 days ago
David Anderson - 25 days ago
trump amerikkka
Edward Brantley - 25 days ago
And the wheels on the trailer go round and round....
Pippa the Wonderturd - 25 days ago
FLORIDA!!!!No one else can produce so many winners!
Robert Pinnix - 26 days ago
Judge lock these waste on society far far w Away!!! Don’t be soft your honor
Stacy dash - 26 days ago
crystal meth all over this.
Stacy dash - 26 days ago
They look so scary.
david ratledge - 26 days ago
everybody in the world does something wrong.if u cut the snakes head off then u can fix it
Marvin Hogan - 27 days ago
throw away the keys