Tiny Harris Super Sexy Post Derails After Fans Notice Her Toes ‘Crawling Out Her Shoes’

Atlanta Blackstar - 06-18


Xscape singer Tiny Harris is apparently getting dragged all over Instagram for wearing seemingly poorly fitted shoes. The “I F–kin Love U” singer’s latest sexy post took a turn for the worse when folks pointed out her toes sticking out of her shoes. She took to Instagram Tuesday morning and posted a photo of herself wearing a sultry black dress with a pair of gold pumps. Her wet and curly hair was slicked back and her makeup was done to a T.

Kay Kay Jones: folks need to be talking bout why these cops still killing these unarmed Black men and teenagers why mfer worried about some one shoes dam woman rich think she give a dam

Sammy M.: ppl will do anything for a story ,that look fake as hell ,you look good tiny 🤗

Pamela Joy Anderson: those shoes are awful, don't you know how shoes are suppose to fit?

Joyce Warren: you are beautiful Tiny they just hating on you girl 💘💘💘you Tiny💋💋💋

Lashawn Harris: People Are so petty I swear


Angela Hammonds - 25 days ago
It’s really sad that people continue to come after her for nothing if that wasn’t just stupid to say that’s ridiculous they cannot be happy with there entire life to go on about something like that really.
Asia Mcherrin - 25 days ago
Lol smh people
Donna Johnson - 25 days ago
she didn't even have them all the way on smh haters
Kenya Richardson - 26 days ago
photo shopped
kalle garcia - 26 days ago
celebrities and wife for decades and tons of kids. people gonna hate. haha regardless cant top that. i been married 17 years and receive the same hate. 17 years wife haha beat that. we old now 😀
Dean Prigg - 26 days ago
What a total skank
Luis Flores - 26 days ago
I just got one thing to say. I want everyone to be 💯 be honest answer these ?s. Would i go out with tiny?"YES." would i make out with tiny "YES." Would i marry her? DEFINITELY YES." Will i make fun of her toes yes and I'll tell her how cute they are and start kissing them end telling her how sexy and beautiful she is and "YES" I will GIVE HER WHAT EVER SHE LIKE. Love you tiny keep your head up. You are beautiful inside and out...
Libra Love - 26 days ago
Sunday Arena - 26 days ago
Diane Mitchell - 26 days ago
Tiny you are BEAUTIFUL keep doing what you're doing ..... looking fabulous!!!!!!!
click·bait - 26 days ago
its a fake pic look close these cops need dealt with i agree
Patty Schillinger - 26 days ago
um I think the angle of the picture could have been better. clearly she is tiptoeing in her shoes. Thats talent.
Donna Pilchiek - 26 days ago
you just do your thing girl 😉
Carrie Wells - 26 days ago
Tiny you are beautiful!! Continue to hold it down and play your position. You look great keep reaching for the stars!!
1967? - 26 days ago
Gloria Mccain - 27 days ago
Tiny you are looking fabulous. Dont feed into the negativity . Hear n dont hear..see n dont see. Never let them bring you down to their level. As it goes..sticks n stones may break my bones..but WORDS CAN NEVER HURT OR TOUCH ME.. YOUR ABOVE THAT. KEEP doing you n keep your head up.👍😊😘❤
Victor Rivera - 27 days ago
Victor Rivera - 27 days ago
cant believe
Frankie Watson Porterfield - 27 days ago
User from GA - 27 days ago
Who cares
nancy padalecki - 27 days ago
Dang those feet look aweful😝
Patricia Carde - 27 days ago
she nasty anyway
Todd Jennings - 27 days ago
She’s beautiful, you haters!!
Jackie Bonds - 27 days ago
her feet is not all the way in the shoe y'all hoes are sum haters kay kay i feel ya bro this Tray Dee coming atcha
Pakito Aguilar - 27 days ago
Lorrine Largent - 27 days ago
User from CT - 27 days ago
She got a camel toe n her arm pit
Lisa Carlisle - 27 days ago
I don’t like her she looks like a sneaky 👿and sneaky 🐍I don’t trust her
Michelle L Leisenring - 27 days ago
girl don't even listen to these people. not one of them ride in the same circle as you. keep being you. until God decides to take your last breath this is who you are. Don't change for a person
Shrell Taylor - 27 days ago
that's the way the shoes are made ...