Here's Why Melania Trump Is Rarely Seen Without Her Sunglasses, According to Experts

Popculture - 28 days ago


When one conjures up an image of Melania Trump, it's most likely that sunglasses are part of that image, as the First Lady is rarely without a pair. In fact, her appearance at the 75th D-Day commemoration in Normandy, France with President Donald Trump was heavily criticized for her decision to keep her sunglasses on, with some calling the move "disrespectful" given the somber occasion.

Tonirae: criticism of fashion choices this1st lady mades have been absurd. Always fabulous elegant and graceful. Critics are hateful nasty people. Melania is the perfect example of always knowing exactly what to wear and how to wear it. Very few women in the public eye are able to continually time after time after time look exactly right. Instead of criticizing her People should get a life and oh by the way the times Melania actually worn a hat have been few and far between and as for wearing sunglasses She could simply have light sensitive eyes as I and millions of other women do thus explaining our Sun glasses. It's the same thing as people constantly trying to find something to criticize Megan Markle about. They lay and wait hoping and praying she makes a misstep so they can be the 1st to point it out to everyone. Demons have been loosened on this planet And they spew hate out of the mouths of their hosts.

User from TN: Just another way not to connect with people she considers beneath her! She’s a conceited snob! I can’t wait for those two to disappear!! Maybe they can go live with his bosom buddy Pukin’ Putin

Susan Smith: Bunch of media bull. See her more without sunglasses. She's a fine person, lovely , graceful and smart. I'm very proud of our FLOTUS.

Dave Palmer: Melania's eyes may be the only body part we have not seen.

User from TN: Trump Train 🚂 2020 BEAUTIFUL FIRST LADY 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Rosie Brandt - 12 hours ago
no so see the other man with out Trump 😂 see her looking for someone else 😂 see
PS more - 16 hours ago
Because she is so hot she doesn't want to blind anyone?
Bill Rozner - 17 hours ago
our most GORGEOUS 45th First lady MelaniaTrump ❤⚘👄🍼💅👠🕶future is so ☉Bright she needs to where her shades 🔨🛠⛏⛏👍
Bernice Gunn - 18 hours ago
actually the hats and sunglasses diguise her body double. She hates Trump and doesn't want to be near him.
Annette Satchell-Gunhammer - 3 days ago
Cuz she's always high. Look what she's married too?
Peter Tsagaris - 3 days ago
this is all fake news propaganda
User from WA - 3 days ago
Maybe she hides her eyes so that none of us have to see her crying when she has to go out with Donnie..
Niecy Hands - 4 days ago
Niecy Hands - 4 days ago
C Walker - 4 days ago
Zero accomplishment as First Lady!
DeAnne Marye Almeida - 4 days ago
you would think the people have something better to do then criticize people
User from WA - 4 days ago
Maybe she is under drug.
Rufus Brown - 4 days ago
well the 👞 on the other foot know honkey's you got your privilege f###ing white House back!$! so how does, your privilege racist ass president look on the 🌎 stage if Obama would've told 1% of lies like Mr. presdentae would've been in all out inner city war but the amendment took care of that, so all you poor white trash out there, here's a tip save all your penny's 2020 or 2024 a reckoning is coming!$!😎🙊🙉🙈😭🗽😠
Wanda Shell - 4 days ago
Amen Sister..My life not for sale either...all of these Liberal's are so Jealous of the 1st Lady...get over it cause Trumps going to be your alls next ..PRESIDENT AGAIN..
User from CA - 5 days ago
Meloonia Meloonia does a golddigger have to ride big and small poles
Mocha Mota - 5 days ago
She doesn't want wrinkles!!!
Modine Gunch - 6 days ago
I love her. I support her. I can tell you honestly, pretty or beautiful women, ARE bullied, lied on, rumored about and usually it goes on all throughout her life in adulthood!!! So I get it. but truthfully, who gives a F***? I care about what shes doing, her objectives and goals. that's just it tho. liberal, stupid women, dont care about th he important things shes doin, they care about her damn ward robe! It's just who they are. I love you First Lady. Very proud of you also!! we got you!!!
My Queen
Lillian Judon - 9 days ago
boy there are plenty of delusional people on here today don't want us to talk bad anmbout the Trump's nut still dogging the Obama's two way street people
William Johnson - 10 days ago
She will be revealed to be both junkie and boozer.😒🗽
Dana Clark - 10 days ago
Doing drugs???
Haz Irvin - 10 days ago
no fan of hers but maybe just her style
Cain Wales - 10 days ago
She's having more plastic surgery on her nose and eyes?
Marvel.J.901 - 10 days ago
The woman fine and sexy the end good job Trump you got a beautiful sexy wife
golfnut - 11 days ago
Just jealous of a pretty woman
Danny Garcia - 11 days ago
nothing but a freaking trophy wife and she knows that just another Russian immigrant and she knows that too.
Marsha Fricks - 11 days ago
the reason she wears those sun glasses is so people won't see her sleeping or rolling her eyes at her stupid husband
Tammi Wilson - 12 days ago
I love and admire her.
WHITE NIGHT - 12 days ago
KEEP those eyes beautiful !
Rick Howell - 12 days ago
She is so beautiful.