‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Had Her Concert Canceled In The Middle East Over A Tweet About McDonald’s Fries

brobible.com - 28 days ago


Nothing in the history of history will baffle me as much as the success of Danielle Bregoli aka Bahd Bhabie aka Cash Me Ousside girl. The 16-year-old became infamous from a September 2016 episode of Dr. Phil titled “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” Fast forward one year and she’s got a record deal with Atlantic Records, a makeup brand, and is the youngest female rapper ever to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Atracia Payne: GoodGlad they cancelled her show. The Bish needs to be more respectful. That mouth if her may be why she made it somewhere. But, that same mouth will be her downfall. Nobody on the planet owes this little pissant a damn thing. Straight up!!!

Deborah Lamar: So many talented people who don't get a break and hear comes this no talent fool

PRINCEOFALLPISCES: This just prove my point we live in a world were we promote ignorant dumb shit basically designed to maintain control of the sheep

Frater Marc Pierre: please burn Atlantic records to the ground

Armando: We evolve in Technology and regress in civilization


Reahim Nothuom - 36 minutes ago
last time I heard of this thing she was on Dr Phil. she's actually famous and a rapper wtf is happening people listen and buy anything..
Natalie Edwards - 11 hours ago
unbelievable just trashy and garbage this is not cool at all you call that mess talent good god Satan's world that's there god straight up wicked and filthy no place like Satan's world😈
Jamesleav Leavy - 2 days ago
Satan is setting her UP
Nick Ciraulo - 2 days ago
After seeing her video I concluded John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Two Virgins album is much more listenable. (Ok how many of y'all know that album?)
Wendy Swingle - 3 days ago
really with a mouth like that I'd cancle her to
Rakwon Davis - 10 days ago
but yet the people and the woman and gay men gave her the fame, but nobody likes it cdfu
Kelly Lehsten - 25 days ago
Shaka SuWu - 25 days ago
Who ever letting their kids listen to her or going to see her is dumb af anyway
Fritz Kato - 26 days ago
alot of upset people that have never been to the middle east in here talking shit about a child
Llll M - 26 days ago
Look who listens to that garbage... They don't need to be talented
Victimized Millenial - 26 days ago
she doesnt have the body for tight fitting clothes.
trouble maker - 26 days ago
They should have canceled it for poor taste in cloths and hair.
Angela Posey - 26 days ago
David Spade has no shame. 🤣😂😄
Rashondra Miller - 26 days ago
Nancy Cuervo - 26 days ago
i don't even know what to say. why she's gotten so famous for being a trash.
Robin Rose - 26 days ago
wait... they let this thot in? how?
Arnold Beaty Jr. - 26 days ago
well well well
Byron Davis - 26 days ago
Ricky Smith - 26 days ago
Cool for Her!
User from ID - 26 days ago
I wonder how much Dr Phil’s cut is that’s the only way she got a contract it not what you know but who you know
Cherie Kirby - 26 days ago
wow! she's rough looking for 16!!
Marty King - 26 days ago
Waste of perfectly good air!!!!
Shanin Coffer - 26 days ago
I can see why they say this, all through the bible, Isreal giving chances but it rejected Jehovah's laws of loving what is good and rejecting what is bad in Jehovah's eye. Do you think it really makes Yehovah proud seeing Gay pride flags flying over Isreal? The prophecy isn't over yet.
Progressive pride KY - 26 days ago
Shanin Coffer - 26 days ago
Shanin Coffer - 26 days ago
sad all the way around. Ireal needs to put it's foot down in the name of Yehovah, the God with a name, the God they know but keep hidden.
Anthony Chumley - 26 days ago
man u know that thing is used up like a piece of year old rotten roast beef.
amalia lopez - 26 days ago
ugly attitude ..
Hurricane Polk - 26 days ago
Would love to tie her to the back of my Harley and take her for a little drag.
Gilbert Chris - 26 days ago
only thing she's catching outside is too many Krispy Kremes doughnuts