22-year-old found dead along Florida highway, sheriff asking public for help

ABC News - 29 days ago


A 22-year-old woman was found dead on the side of a Florida road, and now the sheriff is asking the public to help ascertain how she died. Kara Hanvey of Sebring, Florida, was found lying on her back in the grass median on U.S. Highway 92 East in Lakeland at about 6:40 a.m. Sunday, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Steve Areno: people being thrown into the waterways and onto the highways like trash. What the hell is happening in Florida?...

Eyveliz Rivera: RIP my prayers to the family, so sad she was one of my daughters age sad I hope they find who did it

Cindy Anderson Cooper: So young. Her family forever changed 😔God be with them during such a difficult time

Kandi Pier: RIH young lady for god has you now I'm praying for this family of hers 🙏🏿

I'D BUY THAT FOR $1: that's sad . she looked pretty


User from FL - 27 days ago
Makes me think she got out of car Was having an argument and the person ran her over Could be a possible things could not run far or hide, or protect herself Look for the tire skids
User from FL - 27 days ago
What was the cause of death ? Drugs Rape Strangulation What??? It just says they found a dead woman !Maybe the boyfriend did it or the last guy she was with.. Or maybe a jealous wife humm So sad 😞
User from FL - 27 days ago
Poor girl so young Who the hell did this and why?
Mike Preece - 27 days ago
dont tuck and roll
Mindy Dirienzo - 28 days ago
she was with someone , got into argument and they threw her out of the vehicle....check the phone and toxicology will tell more of mental state...she may have overdosed and was dumped out of fear
John Larson - 28 days ago
you think maybe this is a good time to go change those batteries
Tiffany Fasoldt - 28 days ago
Praying they find the person or persons responsible for this beautiful young woman’s death 😢
WhatTheHeck! - 28 days ago
My Deepest Condolences to Her Family, May she rest in peace.🙏😔 I Hope They Catch whoever did this swiftly, Lethal Injection!
User from IL - 28 days ago
None of you will pray for the family. You just need to be validated as a good person. Ok back to your pics of food and your selfies
Apryl Summers - 28 days ago
If she had a broken leg and minimal bruising what was the actual cause of death?
Apryl Summers - 28 days ago
My question is cause of death
Robert Green - 28 days ago
The person who did that to her or knows something about it, is online right here, right now discussing and trying to find out what everybody knows!! Its One of You!! Maybe...RIP CHILD OF GODS!!MY CONDOLENCES TO HER DEAR FAMILY!! AMEN.
Mary Sagbohi - 28 days ago
look at them first she might needed help they do all this to people and go unnoticed
Veronica Rosario - 28 days ago
so sad hopefully they find who did it
Angel Ultzer - 28 days ago
prayers & condolences for the family 🙏🙏 hope they get justice
Angel Ultzer - 28 days ago
Heartland Express if you truly have information, you need to contact the police, stop making uncreditable statements and hiding behind a keyboard and fake profile!
Timothy Jones - 28 days ago
so sad that young girl is dead
Melissa Evans - 28 days ago
Prayers 🙏 Going Out To Her Family And Friends 🙌 Rest In Paradise Beautiful Young Lady 🙌🙌🙌
William Brown - 28 days ago
if she's black police ain't wasteing no time trying to find wtf happened,-Rip young lady!!
Patti Nelson - 28 days ago
Possible Hit and Run ? Pray for the Young Lady and her family.
Christopher Johnson - 28 days ago
drugs money and deception corrupt people will deceive and trick any one they don't care about life as long as it benefits them to them you ain't worth noting put you on dope sell you for cheep
Steve Davidson - 28 days ago
ELECTRIC 9 - 28 days ago
C'mon people!!.....you already know!🤫🧐!
bruce howell - 28 days ago
must have been hit by car
Faye Eleby - 28 days ago
whoever did this to her remember you have sisters also may God be the glory
Irena M Ramirez Martinez - 28 days ago
omg that could of been one of my daughters. I pray that the jesus would get them through this pain.
Mike - 28 days ago
Such a shame. Will be praying for her family and friends. 😢
Heartland Express - 28 days ago
Look for a a bearded man driving a blue sports car. His hair is red and he’s around 35 years old. He has knowledge the cops need to solve this. This isn’t what it looks like. This was a panic move. I am a psychic
Heartland Express - 28 days ago
Damn shame
mrbadass - 28 days ago
I'm sure trump had something to do with it. he is in Florida