Wendy Williams Shows Off Toned Legs In Little Black Dress For Outing With New BF Marc Tomblin

Hollywood Life - 06-17


Wendy Williams flaunted her perfect legs on a day out with her new, younger boo Marc Tomblin while rocking a minidress. We’re obsessed with her sexy, yet casual outfit. Wendy Williams has legs for days, and she knows how to show them off! The daytime talk show host, 54, took a stroll through New York City with her new boyfriend, Marc Tomblin, 27, wearing a black minidress paired with white sneakers. It was the perfect outfit for a casual day out with her boyfriend, who was wearing sweats and sneakers, too. Even though she chose to go low-key for her day on the town, Wendy still looked perfect, of course. She accessorized with huge sunglasses and a fun purse with tons of colorful keychains. But all eyes were on those gams! They’re toned and glistening, and it’s clear from the photo below that Marc can’t stop looking at them while he’s on the phone.


Judy Williams: I think she's making a fool out of herself. He doesn't want her, he wants to spend her money, and he wants to be "relevant"...js

Yolanda Turner: she looks a hot mess

garner: her legs look like tree trunks

Vickie AlejosOlguin: she still looks like a dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣


User from CA - 06-20
What a joke.
Marie Davis - 06-20
they are Straight legs omg but at least they are big
keep God first (KHL) - 06-20
People needs to learn how to be happy for people that is trying to do better for themselves. Forgive and stop hating. She’s untitled to do what she wants and old enough to spend her money on what/who she wants . Lord knows it’s better for her to spend her own money on who she wants to instead of that ex of her’s to spend it on another person and then blessing
tam tam - 06-19
they've lopped off her legs from the photo
Lillie Mcintyre - 06-19
This guy could be Wendy's body guard, if I was her I would have one after going through what she went through during her recent breakup. Everyone is assuming he's her boy toy, mines in the gutter. 🤔
Lillie Mcintyre - 06-19
With all the insults, this woman is trying to put her life back together after she let her husband having a mistress for 15 yrs dog her until he broke her as a woman and as a human being. She don't need all this CRITICISM, she needs a little compassion and yes I know what she do for a job, gossip but still. Let's treat her like the lady. She is.🤔
Crystal Meth - 06-19
Omg they Photoshop the hell out of her legs. Stooping to a new low with this one
Marlene Martin - 06-19
Wyatt Mangham - 06-19
Perfect legs??? this writer must be hard up
Neina Eaton - 06-19
my dear wendy slow down sister and heal from your wounds, leave the toys for the kids. you dont have to prove anything to anyone take some time and think about what next for wendy Williams.
Cheryian Bryant - 06-19
Stop judging this Lady,You neva jnow To what extinct this lady was beyond hurt,dang let's just give her the benefit of the doybt,Neva know Why?
Herschel Steinberg - 06-19
if I had legs like that it would be 24/7 pants I wouldn't own a pair of shorts or her case and dress skirt anything to show off new tree trunks
Herschel Steinberg - 06-19
somebody please tell me the definition of toned...
Marilyn Moore - 06-19
I think her husband should not done the things he did to Wendy. he should gotten help to speak to a marriage canselor to re pair it her marriage. get some rest too. u needed it.
Mary Rogers - 06-18
Whoever wrote this article, must have written it to be sarcastic. truly these kegs are not toned and definitely don't look good. They are swollen and have excess fluid. Wendy looks a hot mess and need to take some time to heal both physically and emotionally.I think she feels she has something to prove to her Ex by parading this young man around. I truly believe it's just temporary until she finally get over the humiliation and heart break of her delusional marriage. For now, she will keep PRETENDING she is having the time of her life and the young man will continue to HAVE the time of his life.Praying for you, Wendy. You deserve better, but I think your self esteem is at an all-time low because of the break-up. Hold your head up and continue to expand your brand, focus on your son, and be thankful for your life. Peace be with you.
Ruben Mendez - 06-18
This man never gives up, he's just trying make he's ex mad
Felicia Engram - 06-18
Wendy what are you doing dear you are a classy woman don't go down stay up hon.love myself some Wendy
Althea Fowler - 06-18
are you kidding
Kevin Alan - 06-18
Those are not black girl legs but ?
Oneal Davis - 06-18
She's got cankels!
Jessica Trier - 06-18
that girl has Congestive Heart Falure or a bad case is diebties.girl get off the powder
Vickie AlejosOlguin - 06-18
she still looks like a dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Miles - 06-18
she's got cankles and they are not pretty. she has legs like the tin man in the Wizard Of Oz
Judy Williams - 06-18
I think she's making a fool out of herself. He doesn't want her, he wants to spend her money, and he wants to be "relevant"...js
Kelroc - 06-18
Check with a doctor for that fluid on your legs. People with a drug history have Congested heart failure.
Melissa Kittrell - 06-18
haha!! Toned??
Tupac Shakur - 06-17
she wasn't born with a body. she was born with a golden mouth. I'm pretty sure her boy toy can vouch for that
garner - 06-17
her legs look like tree trunks
Lady A - 06-17
i hope she is seeing a doctor
Yolanda Turner - 06-17
she looks a hot mess