Why Rose Hanbury Has Been Advised to ‘Keep Quiet’ About the Prince William Affair Rumors

The Cheat Sheet - 06-17


When news of Prince William allegedly cheating on Kate Middleton and having an affair with Rose Hanbury made headlines, there was no reaction from any of the parties involved. It appears that, in Hanbury’s case, she was advised not to comment on the matter, though the cheating rumors have understandably made things difficult for her.


Brenda Gephart - 06-19
Prince William is acting just like his father did to Princess Diana. He should consider how Princess Diana felt when her husband cheated on her. Since it was a continued relationship on Prince Charles part, he threw it on Princess Diana's face for most of the marriage. Think how she felt. How could Prince William do that to his beautiful wife
Thom Ware - 06-18
come on its. over now kate over with it i like kate so i do not want a ny more of this gossip she is fine with it now move on tom.