6ix9ine's Baby Mama Dissed the Rapper on Father's Day

Complex - 06-17


The mother of 6ix9ine’s daughter isn’t a fan of the rapper, and on several occasions has put the rapper on blast. Now Sara Molina is back at it. On Father's Day, she posted a video skit to her Instagram where she and comedian Comina Harrr make fun of 6ix9ine. “Dam @cominaharrrr_ I’m so sorry 4 mistaken u 4 my baby Daddy…,” Molina captioned the clip. “I hope u can 4 give me... #Putashi96 #PayMeInPuta.”


Just saying... - 29 days ago
Lay down with dogs, raise up with fleas
Tupac Shakur - 06-17
this woman is going to get payed the bare minimum child support. with that said (Diss away) the baby clothes stays with him. no gucci baby clothes going with you