Royal Resemblance? See Archie Side-by-Side with Parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as Babies

People - 06-17


Royal fans just got their first up-close glimpse of baby Archie!. Prince Harry celebrated his first Father’s Day as a dad by sharing a new photo of his son, who was born on May 6. Shared on his joint Instagram account with wife Meghan Markle, the black and white shot depicts the proud dad cradling his newborn son in his arms. In an extra sweet touch, Archie can be seen reaching out to grab ahold of one of his father’s fingers.

Gina G.: How can we tell if they won't show his whole face?

Kim Cleary: Awe c'mon__ let us see his whole face please... 😶😶😶

Karen Abram: Why would you hide your baby's face like that, & with a black & white photo this day in age, really? Archie deserves a photo like the one Princess Diana took with Prince Harry. Who wants to look at a hand covering half his face?

Brigitte Storms: Adorable little Prinz♥️

Theresa Malone: Master Archie looks like Master Archie. Lovely photo.


Shirley Ellsaesser - 5 days ago
Sometimes I think it would be nice if everyone was the same color, skin, hair, eyes and everything. Then what could the haters , hate? How people thought , I guess.
Jeanne Baly - 10 days ago
Can't believe what I am reading. A smart child will not talk like that. He is a blessed child formed by the hands of God. Keep satan out of his life. please show love, respect, happiness & admiration for this innocent child. Wish the parent well, share their happiness, joy as they Welcome & protect their bundle of joy in whichever way they feel fit. Parent are over protective of their first born. Let them live a little. Peace to all of you.
User from FL - 13 days ago
He is a beautiful baby boy!!
Machelle Pate - 13 days ago
why does it matter if he came out white...geez people he will get some color leave the little guy alone. I mean megan is mixed isn't she? people are so stupid some times. He is a baby be happy for them period!!!
Virgal Grant - 14 days ago
they did his mother the same way she had no peace but Price Harry will protect his family .
Virgal Grant - 14 days ago
He will look like them both , Harry is so handsome , she hooked s real Jewel !
Virgal Grant - 14 days ago
trash talk , BUT You aren't related to the baby are you Mike Litoris ?????
Virgal Grant - 14 days ago
because you don't matter they are a happy family so zip your hole up .
User from MA - 14 days ago
Archie looks just like his mother when she was a baby.
Virgal Grant - 14 days ago
who are these low life people , u just want him for yourself . you don't have a chance now ya hog !
Virgal Grant - 14 days ago
he is a handsome little guy
Marissa Cabrera - 15 days ago
Everybody need to stop all the negative remarks,it's uncalled for.have some respect.maybe they did 'nt want his face to be seen.
Marissa Cabrera - 15 days ago
Peggy Duey it show how ignorant you are for saying such uncalled word such as maybe he deformed.ignorant as you are ,have you look at yourself in the mirror lately.cierra la porta Boca.
Joyce Costa Mack - 18 days ago
Can’t really see his face clearly, I can’t judge cause he looks cute anyway 🥰
Jackie Mclean - 18 days ago
well daughter in law just had baby about the same time and her face is known and proud parents dont mind sharing her beauty.
RGAA - 18 days ago
Let's hope the kid looks like his Dad.
follower of Jesus Christ Mobbs - 21 days ago
His eyebrows are very light color, so I will say He has His Dad's haircolor.
User from TX - 21 days ago
Meghan hit her good looks from Doris her mom
User from TX - 21 days ago
User from OH - 21 days ago
It’s going around he has Down syndrome
Nelly Torrez - 21 days ago
bunch of Lunies on ""HERE""
Antonietta Fabrazzo Jones - 22 days ago
my question is before how couldshe married in Cattolica Church, can same one exsplane it to me.?
June Evans - 23 days ago
He probably doesn't look like anyone right now
User from TX - 23 days ago
He looks just his daddy
Manda White - 24 days ago
From what I can see, his forehead and nose looks like his father's
Tia Guilmette - 24 days ago
Archie look like prince Harry ! 😉
William Peter Jarrett - 24 days ago
I love racism so much. Keep it coming.
William Peter Jarrett - 24 days ago
F* the welfare royals and their mutt baby. lil
steelernation,? - 24 days ago
What a big joke. its not even the baby, cmon,stop fooling us and show us the real archie. why so secretive, arent they proud parents? hmmmm
User from RI - 24 days ago
I think the Queen is to tough on Prince Harry and Princess Megan it’s their baby and they are the parents they should able to make their own decisions they are old enough and the Queen needs to understand it’s not the 40’s or 50’s