Enormous Python Eats Entire Crocodile in Terrifying Swamp Photos

Geek.Com - 06-17


A kayaker came across a horrifying sight when he spotted a massive python chowing down on an entire crocodile after the reptile squeezed it to death in an Australian swamp. Martin Muller discovered the python while he was traveling down the swamps in Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia, The Daily Mail reported. Muller’s grisly photos were shared to GG Wildlife Rescue Inc’s Facebook page and have received approximately 10,000 responses so far. The photos show the massive creature slowly noshing on the freshwater crocodile with its slackened jaws.

Rita Mckee: Don't forget the Florida Glades!! The guy who took the picture wasn't in danger by that 🐍, it was busy and would not be able to get another prey until he digested the crock

Billi Potter: That looks like a Anaconda instead of a python, but this is what is happening in Florida. Pythons are an evasive Asian snakes that are decimating our waterways.

Amanda Leppin: thank goodness we're not in Australia!!

David Spencer: Go to the Florida Everglades. We have our own python. These guys eat everything.

Joely D. Johnson: I could have done without seeing that photo. Idk why I clicked on it.


Joyce Costa Mack - 8 days ago
Crystal Fyffe - 8 days ago
I think that is an Anaconda.
olivia cano - 9 days ago
I wonder who's next
mike boone - 11 days ago
they are not in Florida...for those of you that don't know ..it's no Crocks in Florida ..only Gators...I know this bc I'm from the south
Who is it?••• - - 11 days ago
I once encountered a green python in my yard, my feet became a blur, both knees were churning, my elbows were pumping and I ran flat out slap up a tree where I found myself clutching my pearls and screaming like a tornado siren, come to find out I forgot to put the garden hose away 🙄😐😁••• -
K Rane Blu Raye - 11 days ago
WTF‼️ That is amazing and scary.
Tammy Leaks - 14 days ago
Jimmy Whitehead - 19 days ago
dont be live that
Unique Holmes - 23 days ago
i wouldn't want that next to a human 😥😞
James Kinder Jr. - 23 days ago
Aurora Carrasco - 26 days ago
gees sure wish a snake like that would eat my second ex mother in-law.
Beatrice Martinez - 27 days ago
Roberta E Brown - Fanning - 27 days ago
These snakes can also eat a human too. They squeeze the potential meal to death. This snake would be able to hurt the man taking the pictures, it had its meal this time. once a snake starts eating the have to eat and they don't move around much. we had a Chicken Snake that ate an egg and tried to go through the chicken wire fencing and it got stuck in the fence because it couldn't back up. Snakes only move forward, so his greed to have him an egg killed him.
Linda Douglas - 27 days ago
i swear it looks like the snakes head is sideways
John Comer - 28 days ago
and by the way Bob. they said Australia not Fl. however yes there are crocks in Fl. they are called. salt water crocks
John Comer - 28 days ago
i bet Steve irwin would not be happy
David Garza - 29 days ago
It left no leftover for me.😥💥💨💦💩
Kat Simmons - 06-19
😱forget the wildlife....has anyone seen little Tommy🐉
beezzo - 06-19
User from MD - 06-18
Wow just wow
Matt Grimes - 06-18
that is gross
Patrick Miles - 06-18
that would've been a dead snake.
Loretta Caudillo - 06-18
Kathy Schrom - 06-18
chain of life
Steve Borsher - 06-18
food chain
Olderiron - 06-18
Kathleen Birch - 06-18
pcenoughisenoungh - 06-18
seeing the photo .. is seeing nature in action..
Jenny marie - 06-18
Awsome photo!
Billi Potter - 06-18
That looks like a Anaconda instead of a python, but this is what is happening in Florida. Pythons are an evasive Asian snakes that are decimating our waterways.