Beth Chapman Is Almost Unrecognizable In New Photos After Incredible Weight Loss Amid Cancer Battle - 06-17


Reality TV star of Dog The Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman looks barely recognizable amid her battle with throat cancer. Beth hasn't let the diagnosis stop her from looking great. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images.

Debbie McNeely: Beth is a strong lady. She has two great men by her side. God willing He will give her good health again. He is The Great Physician. Through Him ALL things are possible. God Bless you Beth and give it a good fight.

Charity Delucchi: It does not matter how thin you get or what you look like. You will always be "Beth Chapman". Young or old the fun loving family oriented mother who cares for and loves everyone. God bless you and your family

Julio Lazo: my prayers going up to Chapman FAMILY and Friends

Yolanda Franklin: my heart goes out to the family. I've been THRU a lot of Cancer in my family. I do understand the pain of losing a love one to cancer. my deepest condolence to the family. STAY strong THRU the Strom. it Hurt's but u can get THRU it. AMEN may GOD BLESS U as U get THRU ur pain.

Terry Townsend: hoping for a full recovery from Texas


Damien “DW” Winston - 3 days ago
Beth was prejudice as fuck borderline racist. I had so much confliction as I watched the show - it was entertaining but how they profiled the “bond jumpers” and mocked stereotypes of black/brown people was tasteless and showed their level of white-trash was off the richter scale. I guess we can just offer our Broth
katrina gabriel - 4 days ago
Love and Prayers from Denver...
Dora Hatcher - 5 days ago
I had CA 40 + yrs ago.God healed me thru Sugery. Today I'm 73yrs young. I was 25 years old when DX with CA.I never took Chemo, etc.Today, I still only suffer with Fibromyalgia. But I don't let it get me down.You can and believe you have have it, it dosen't have you.Be blessed.
John Flowers - 5 days ago
she's been dead a month assheads
I Rock - 5 days ago
its what happens when you get sick. leave the poor woman along
User from IL - 19 days ago
Rip , Beth and condolences to the families involved, blessings she’s with the lord where there is no pain ! Amen
Joyce Wilson - 21 days ago
Rachael Severance - 21 days ago
Someone please update or delete this article. RIP beautiful lady.
Jestine Gregory - 21 days ago
Beth was a Beautiful woman always willing to help others people RIH BETH
Jaxx - 21 days ago
Bless you Beth may you rest in paradise. My sister suffered from throat cancer in the early '70's and was treated with radiation. It never came back.
Jason Whitten - 21 days ago
so sorry for the family and the world's loss she was an amazing woman and mother she will be deeply missed my prayers are with the family. I lost my mother last year to brain cancer she loved watching dog she also loved his book.may God be with all of you high beth
Stephanie Jackson - 21 days ago
I am so sorry fa u all lost I being praying from day one .I have been watching the show fa a long time love da show sometimes I pretend I put on my stuff like I am on TV with u all.I can't believe she's gone I knw it's going 2 be hard cozs u to belongs together.its like when we just doesnt see one of u we see da both of u and dats great da world love to see dat dats powerful.i knw it's to early to ask if u r going to continue with da show we all knw it's not going 2 be da same and we truly understand.but if u do I think she wouldn't want u 2 give up on da show because she was strong she never gave up but it's just going to be kinda hard cozs we just so use to seeing her there.but just do what's best fa u and da family we r behind u 100% r.i.p. Beth u may be gone but never forgotten u have da whole world behind u all luv u guys.
Jim Cranston Jr. - 22 days ago
sorry of the lost of Beth we will miss you our prayers go out to the family and friends
Solo Cannon - 22 days ago
I'll pray for The Chapman Family.I like Beth a lot. She was. a True Warrior till the end! May you Rest In Heaven,Beth.
Corina Estorga - 22 days ago
very strong woman, very Beautiful she also had a very Beautiful Heart. May she R.I.P. Prayers to her Family.
Luke Mancuso - 22 days ago
R.I.P Beth May God bless you
Jeffrey Olenick - 22 days ago
poor Duane I couldn't even begin to imagine what he's going threw to lose someone you love so much stay strong brother
Diana Brown - 22 days ago
a sweet lady. sorry 4 ur loss. she was a beautiful lady!!
Laura Lewis - 22 days ago
Horrible battle the big “C” has no mercy! Every case differs but it is a hell ride all you can do is pray and hold on!
Michele Veguilla - 22 days ago
she still looked the same to me oh well
Trump Girl - 22 days ago
God , Beth had such a big Presence. She was such a good mother & wife & got Criminals in her job.God rest soul. I also feel so sad for Dog & the kids ...I'm sad for the whole thing.😫
James Rose - 22 days ago
I hope everything is well
Regina Larkin Johnson - 22 days ago
Rest In Peace my dear♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Andrea Lee Smith - 22 days ago
I always heard Beth was a great person in real life... It sure seems that way from what I saw on TV, and it does just seem a lot of times that the good go way too young...only 51. Dog just adored her so much, I hope he can deal with losing her. Dear Lord, please keep your loving arms around Dog and family. Amen.
Sherry Hurteau - 22 days ago
RIP Beth you will surely be missed. so sorry for your loss Dog and family.
Gary Hoffman - 22 days ago
I had a uounh Beth in my life. I told her if she didn't stop smoking I would break-up. Her father told me I can't ask her to do something. I loved her, her Dad and she had two families. I broke up as promised 6 months later. I couldn't stand the giant ash tray on the coffee table of her apartment. She was a cool lover. But my father died from Tayernton 100's. I wasn't going along for the breaks knowing it was going to kill her one day. Dog aa big a dog and imposing is a smoker. He will be right behind her as fate will have it. We all the last to leave....those who choose to be a temple. But TV isn't made for our health.
Diana Sunni Maynard - 22 days ago
God keep this family. Rip Beth
Rory Young - 22 days ago
god rest her soul i know how it is to have alife threating illnesses i had infection on my spine 4 back surgerys i thank god for family and friends so RIp.
Brenda Fisher - 22 days ago
Sorry to hear of her passing Dog but she is truly in a better place now.Praying for you and your family and her daddy is holding her right now& they are watching over you all. Amen
Teresa Kelsey - 22 days ago
Sorry for your lost Dog prayers 🙏🙏🙏 to give you strength to get thur this!! RIP Beth!