Carmelo Anthony’s Ex-Mistress Speaks on LaLa Allegedly Not Allowing Melo to See Their Child; Sparks Massive Social Media Debate on Father’s Day About Who is to Blame; LaLa Posts This on IG That Only Fuels The Flames (Pics-Vids-IG-Mistress Baby) - 06-16


Carmelo had a baby with his mistress. It was the reason that Melo and LaLa broke up for about a year. Eventually, they got back together and are back to being a happy family. The mistress has lashed out at Melo a few times, mostly about not spending any time with his daughter, but because it was father’s day things spiraled out of control when LaLa was accused of not allowing Melo to have a relationship with his child.

Corey Bethea: First of all YOU f***** that man knowing he was married, with children, and now you're in a situation where he doesn't respect you. He's gonna spend time but it'll be when SHE wants him too. Lala got the juice!

User from CA: These women are golddiggers. They get pregnant on purpose for the money. If she that upset don't take his money either

Sherry Jenkins: this is ridiculous all I have to say these side chicks need to stop having babies by married men just for the money now

Erik Hicks: Melo get some nuts & do the right thing

Yevette McCall: Kids have nothing to do with adults decisions


Romonica George - 13 days ago
The children are innocent; never deny time being spent with the parent
Herbert Hackett - 16 days ago
What if it was the othet way around if his wife would have got pregnant by another man. He would have been gone Would you divorce your husband if he gave you sexual transmitted disease?
Jay Devine - 20 days ago
can't believe he slipped with her out of all the gorgeous women out there. Woo all the milf he could have but her smh. She's a side street stripper. Yo she must have a very sweet feminine attitude.
Jay Devine - 20 days ago
ya ok lala is way dope. Other chik definitely a slide
Ashley Stuckey - 21 days ago
stop saying Lala not allowing him, like she allowed him to cheat and fuck up their family, no its not on her and im sure she will come through for ths baby, they just have to fix them in the home to be able to bring the baby into it.
User from WV - 23 days ago
Che Carson - 23 days ago
If she wanted a dad for her kid, she should have chosen a man that wasn't already taken... Period
Che Carson - 23 days ago
She's proud! Society should not let people like her get away with this shit!We have a name for black gals like her down here in the South.. Jus sayin
Kevin Surratt - 24 days ago
Let me guess, 30,000 dollars a month child support!!!!! Here it comes ghetto azz hoes.......
Kathy Perrin - 24 days ago
Honestly La I don't have to accept nothing. The child is not her responsibility. She owes her nothing. She didn't care about spreading her legs open to her husband. Yes he was wrong. A lot of you ladies are commenting. What she should do. What would you do? You can't say until it happens to you. I wouldn't be around the child. Hell no. She's not stopping him. Was he spending time with the child before he got his wife back? Probably not. He was to busy trying to get his wife back. Remember she has a son. I sure it was painful for him. This situation. The slut didn't care about him. When she was doing what she was doing. My concern would be making sure my child has the support he needs thru this maddness.
Kathy Perrin - 24 days ago
Seems to me that was the groupies intention. To get pregnant. She did nothing to prevent it. Enjoy your big money you receive a month. That what she was after anyway. Trick
Kevin Camara - 25 days ago
Raise ur lil girl ur a suka for that that kid deserves better u bum ur father career like ur nba career down hill cause la la lmao
Kevin Camara - 25 days ago
Definitely let the kids meet it’s not the poor kids fault there innocent la la I’m sorry he cheated but if it’s true u don’t let him see his child ur wrong for that period if ur willing to take him bak and he hurt u then poor innocent lil girl should be able to atleast meet her brother u ain’t got tal
Angela Doss - 26 days ago
well Layla I kno it's a hard pill to swallow
Angela Doss - 26 days ago
yepp she did and he knew that he was married too🤔
JERMAINE DUNBAR - 27 days ago
come to the lakers
Kari Cotton - 27 days ago
Nasty man and sorry player.
Deborah Davis - 27 days ago
Why should lala accept another woman child after marriage she got her meal ticket for 18yrs all she doing is trying to destroy it with the baby drama
Erika AVI - 27 days ago
Damn near look like they could be sisters....LaLa being the prettier one.
Felicia Rounds - 28 days ago
Well The Mistress knew he was a Married Man and chose to continue their Fling/relationship. Now she wants to Blame Lala for him not seeing their Child. Yes Lala should accept the child into their LIFE, but it's Not the Child's Fault
Sherry Jenkins - 29 days ago
this is ridiculous all I have to say these side chicks need to stop having babies by married men just for the money now
chronicle realm - 29 days ago
as Fans it's Not our business but Lala in time will do what's best. everyone process is different she Loves her Husband. children need their father awww💗
Shani Lindsay - 29 days ago
I'm just stuck on why these dudes r so sloppy w/their side pieces...why do they have to create babies n stuff??? Dang, they should be wrappin it up extra tight! And, chick knew what she was doing & getting in to so....Back in my parents day children born outside of the marriage got no play so, we've made some progress.
Gloria Renfro - 30 days ago
Bump this trick. She knew the man was married when she screwed him. He does not get off. These women who get pregnant by married men should be sued for their children. Awarding the children to the state.
margaret woodard - 30 days ago
just my opinion it's really sad when children get caught up in adults mess the responsibly is the point blank of the parents it dont matter weather he's right are wrong he's the father if he never see that child he's the father who gets hurt in the situation the child why take something so special from a child the responsibly of being a parent it's to many kids who suffer from situation like this every body wants to be right and no one can see above doing what's right for the best interest of the child Amen!!!
Sandra Craig - 06-20
let him see that baby be a better person also thats ur son sista
User from CA - 06-20
These women are golddiggers. They get pregnant on purpose for the money. If she that upset don't take his money either
User from OH - 06-19
Looks like tranny trouble
Gary Baumgartner - 06-19
who really cares.
munchywowski Campbell - 06-18
she thought she had him.