Wendy Williams' New Guy Friend Says He's Not with Her for Fame or Money

TMZ.com - 06-16


Wendy Williams' new guy is sick and tired of people thinking he's hanging with her in hopes of landing a sugar mama ... because he insists he's not about that life. Sources close to Marc Tomblin tell TMZ ... he doesn't care at all about fame and he's not the type of guy who'd let a woman take care of him financially. We're told the only reason he's kicking it with Wendy is because they enjoy each other's company.

Billy Hill: what has to be for money and fame it damn sure ain't for looks cuz she looks like a dude

Anthony Rolls: ha. ha must be her brains and looks 😆😆😆😆😆

Gregory Ransome: you go girl

Gσ∂∂єѕѕ σf ¢σℓυмвυѕ: I think she needs to work on herself not cradle rock 😂

Waller Melm: maybe hes gay and hes after "its" goober¿


Peggy Washington - 06-19
Enjoy life cause it's too short and besides they are both grown
Antwaune Roberts - 06-19
Hazel Mckelvin - 06-18
lies you tell...boy get yours...she want us to think...she living her best life...she a wreck....get yours son son
Susan Barber - 06-18
They sure don't waste no time.Take some time to yourself and then choose wisely don't rush it you deserve to be happy just don't be in such a hurry.
Lillie Mcintyre - 06-18
Her new friend says he's not with her money or fame, REALLY where did she find him.
Neina Eaton - 06-18
shes still hurting heal your wounds first.
Michelle Mitchell - 06-18
Lies and she’s trying to numb her pain by getting with another man before she’s heal. Addictive behavior!
Donna Cannon - 06-18
and if he was so what she rightfully deserve to be happy who cares what he did he did his time so he got the right be happy as well give him a chance Kevin by
Imthe Mrz - 06-18
Live ya life hunni!
Eurydice Warren - 06-18
Let her be she might not be the prettiest woman yet and still she probably has a great ♥... As long as she happy I'm happy for her...
Jerome Tobe - 06-18
yeah right
User from NY - 06-18
He just wants a man figure now he got one🤣🤣
User from NY - 06-18
Theresa Ward - 06-18
Wendy getting them boots knocked!! #ThatIsAll #OldStankBody
User from GA - 06-18
James Smalls - 06-17
I was thinking because of her large hands for big feet. and those other manly features
Gregory Bonds - 06-17
Then " wtf " could it be ?
BigCherry Allen - 06-17
damm Wendy fine a man not someone for kevin jr. to play videos witj
Caldonia Lewis - 06-17
pray for Wendy Williams please! 🙏🙏🙏
John Flowers - 06-17
so Wendy didn't make Football camp. Not playing linebacker for Rams anymore!?
The licker - 06-17
fool must love trannys😂
Alfred Bonnabel - 06-17
So it's for companionship and intellectual stimulation...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pamela Bailey - 06-17
Billy Hill - 06-17
what has to be for money and fame it damn sure ain't for looks cuz she looks like a dude
Waller Melm - 06-17
maybe hes gay and hes after "its" goober¿
Gσ∂∂єѕѕ σf ¢σℓυмвυѕ - 06-17
I think she needs to work on herself not cradle rock 😂
Denise Mcneil Stroud - 06-16
(,8. N
Yahushua Johnny Ray Garvin - 06-16
there's nothing wrong with a woman with money to go out and get her a man you know at this point I'm glad women have more money than black men. So they want to date us they might have to pay nothing wrong with it but you know I believe in paying for myself. the Messiah Johnny Ray Garvin
Gregory Ransome - 06-16
you go girl
Anthony Rolls - 06-16
ha. ha must be her brains and looks 😆😆😆😆😆