Blac Chyna Slams Rob Kardashian for Trying to Block Daughter Dream From Appearing On Her Show - 06-16


Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's fraught relationship continues. On Saturday, Chyna took to Instagram to slam her ex for apparently trying to block Dream, their 2-year-old daughter together, from appearing on her reality show, The Real Blac Chyna.

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Bradley Wulfekuhl: get the Black out of here

User from SC: I agree she shouldn’t be on your show!!


Vanessa Cummings - 06-18
What ? Now our see the difference ? Thank you . It’s about time ? To see this ? Am sorry her in there she mix ? If why she can’t pop in ? Like the other child ? I believe that rob having second thought ????? That’s good on this ? 100 more πŸ’― blood test !!!!! Yes !!!!!
Bradley Wulfekuhl - 06-18
get the Black out of here
User from SC - 06-17
I agree she shouldn’t be on your show!!
User from CA - 06-16