6-year-old who died while standing in school lunch line was brutally stabbed by 24-year-old mother two months ago

meaww.com - 06-15


A young boy reportedly collapsed while standing in the lunch line at his elementary school on Friday, June 14 and died later. The incident comes just two months after he survived a brutal slashing attack by his mother.

Meisha Covington: Some children are dying at the hands of their own parents. This is beyond sad. My condolences to the family. I just don't understand how she or any parent can harm their own kids. Children are to be loved, but used, adored an raised correctly. Children are gifts from God. So how in the hell can you harm them an just leave them for dead? This woman had to have had some deep rooted issues that lied within herself before she even had the first child. When any child on this earth has a rotten, trifling no good as mother left here to have to raise them, that child has a horrible thing. Some children growing up are strong enough to escape this an grow up themselves an become great individuals an contributors in society. An some grow up an can't withstand those pressures and are left behind on the wrong side of the road. Lord, please help those little ones that need help the most. Amen. 🙏

Corgi Mom: Funny, but I didn't see one charge of attempted murder. Why not? Now that charge should escalate to murder 1 because her son died! Some people just need to be burned at the stake & she is one of them!

User from WA: The face of evil.

Pauline1967 Ducasse: she's no mother. she's a freakin 👹 4 what she did 2 her own kids 4 cryin out loud . if she didn't want them 2 begin with she could've put them up 4 adoption , so a loving couple could raise them.

Shunnie Nuniss: How could a mother hurt her own children? This could only mean she needs mental help cause no parent in their right mind could do this. My payers goes to the innocent children 🙏🏾🙏🏾


Seventh Seal - 5 days ago
the mom was one of those people who voted for AOC.
MARVIN BALLIN SR. - 6 days ago
Jethro Jenkins - 7 days ago
Joan S - 7 days ago
Thats horrible for those children and 6 years old im sure he was going threw alot inside when he died so horrible for these children when u think ur mother loves u
Bobbie Allen - 7 days ago
not only did the mother fail her children the system failed the children.
User from TN - 7 days ago
Put that pos in prison and don’t let her out until they can put her in a pine box!
Virginia Hooker - 7 days ago
hope you get prison justice
User from DE - 7 days ago
God help our children
sparkle Boyd - 7 days ago
poor children .....thats why when children are in my presence i treat them good. you never know what they facing while at home.
Robert Wilson - 7 days ago
The child may have died of a broken heart 😭😭😭
RosaM Rivera - 7 days ago
Josie Martnez - 7 days ago
why were the kids in her custody why did she attack them? somthing is very wrong here! They take kids away from parents whi smoke weed she attacks them with a knife and they go back to her WTF??????
Thais Thompson - 8 days ago
Give her life plus 99 years karma will get her crazy butt in prison.
User from NC - 8 days ago
Makes me sick ! Another example of evil people in this world. Death penalty all the way with this one. Case closed
Crystal Matthews - 8 days ago
sounds like a mental illness unfortunately.
samantha rogers - 8 days ago
that's why schools need sec and police at doors our kids need to be safe wtf is a school good for if they cant keep our kids safe huh yeah teaching we can do that
Dan Waldron - 8 days ago
seriously not even attempted Murder ? WTF charged with assault, abandonment, child endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon, police said at the time
Ingrid Owen - 8 days ago
how was he allowed to go back and live with this monster?
Marie Corona - 8 days ago
Most merciful God,bless all who have suffered traumain their lives.Support them with loveduring their time of shock.Grace them with peaceas they wrestle with the challengesof each day.Sustain them in hopeas they prepare for the days ahead.Amen.
Adam Muirhead - 8 days ago
I'm waiting for someone to blame Trump
Myra Plaskett - 8 days ago
they knew something was wrong but they let it be until she killed them. lord have mercy.
Ramona Fullwood - 8 days ago
Sandy Hook - 22 days ago
these babies dont deserve this Evil
Randy Schaff - 22 days ago
isn't it summer time. ?
Diann Jones - 23 days ago
this happening more and more. and it makes me sick to my stomach.
Joy E Sivak - 25 days ago
What’s up
SHERRI PERKINS - 25 days ago
lil'Angels 👼..
User from AL - 26 days ago
I can’t comprehend why these children was still left in her care when she had mental issues before the stabbing😳
Tammy Crawford - 26 days ago
why wasn't this child been looked after by the doctor after the attack. it's the fault whoever is taking care of that child. the mother of this child needs to be executed. sick, kids these days are being murdered by their own parents or a relative or a boyfriend of the mothers. this is disgusting and that smug face of hers, is disgusting.
Teisha Burke - 26 days ago
i suffer from ptsd anxiety depression. i was mentally physically and sexually abused while growing up and for almost 50 years and two kids later did i ever think of killing my boys or anyone for that matter. and yes they need to stop blaming mental illness on this kind of BS