Surgery shows that just as Ortiz died - 06-15


David Ortiz returns from the custody of the castle, which he has stopped in a sheltered highlight at a bar in the Dominican Republic. And now, there are surgeons who have treated him, showing how far the Boston Red Sox was so mental and mental.

Kellye Kramer: Apparently, there are no editors anymore...

Mira Freeman: What in hell did I just read!!

Dan MacDonald: I don't speak Chimp.....

Ramonita Miranda: Real Bad Translation or A Real Lousy Writer.

Matthew Wrasmann: WTF??


Louis D'Alonzo - 5 days ago
I couldn't understand a work that was written. wtf
User from OK - 5 days ago
rikeam henderson - 6 days ago
fake news.
Sherry Evelyn Grice Paschal - 9 days ago
Who publishes this stuff these days? Are there no human editors anymore? This is worse than if those not-quite-English-instructions that come with "some assembly required" items were also written Yodda style.
good vibes - 9 days ago
Love it love it love it😂😂😂😂😂
Robin Luebke - 9 days ago
what the????
David Ault - 9 days ago
Editors or not ,has David Ortiz died, yes or No.
Mark Materio - 10 days ago
Ecllipse DeLoach - 11 days ago
so, is he stable, alive dead? i am confused, this article is all over the place.
Robert Bradford - 11 days ago
no umystand for the cutter face athlete.why ortez for surgery carry the cut down his leg to survive
Rafael V. - 11 days ago
did trump write this .......🤣
Kerry Barrineau - 11 days ago
wow this must be the same person that writes trump's teleprompter speeches lol seriously this article does not convey a single sentence that makes sense. it is a good example of bad journalism. they have these things called editors; use them.
Brandon Blair - 11 days ago
someone needs to work on their grammer
Harold Edwards - 12 days ago
That's some brand new style of writing that's so way ahead of it's time that we will never understand for at least 30 years from now, by then it will be too late.
Rosa Soto - 12 days ago
I though I was not understanding English anymore and my Spanish is not what it used to be. Than you all, I feel much better now. Lol
Matilda Lane - 12 days ago
I'm not old only 64 but I was seriously asking myself if I had lost the capacity to understand. LOL. whoever got paid for writing this article should share it with those of us trying to make sense of this junk
Matilda Lane - 12 days ago
I know I'm aging and my sontells me
Raymond Alpaugh - 13 days ago
what the hell is this about
Michelle Throop - 13 days ago
I thought I was having a stroke!!
Sheree Guy Sawyer - 13 days ago
who the hell wrote this????
Sandy Dunn - 14 days ago
hes alive r dead cause i saw him wit his wife walk n
Caron Russell - 14 days ago
aL - 14 days ago
Who in Helen Keller wrote this piece of hot garbage?
Whitney Noel - 14 days ago
can someone tell me wth I just TRIED to read?
john maselli - 14 days ago
I honestly thought I was having a stroke while I was reading, I mean seriously how can they let this out? doesn't someone proof read this before they put it out online..
john maselli - 14 days ago
Who the fuck's wrote this article it doesn't make sense.. I mean seriously is this a joke? Whoever let this out should be fired immediately, whoever wrote this should be fired immediately, whoever translated this should be fired immediately... This is a mockery this is a joke.
Mickey Greer - 14 days ago
What does this say?
Frances Bacon - 14 days ago
What a poorly written article.
Tiffany Lynn - 15 days ago
This person has pr grammar etiquette! So sad! I agree with Kelly Kramer above too! There are apparently no editors anymore!
Michael Archer - 15 days ago