Mother relives horrors of her daughter's death after deadly suspected DUII crash - 06-15


SEASIDE, Ore. — Lorelei Weber’s daughter Kayla was killed by a drunken driver and she says the triple-fatal crash in Salem, also involving a suspected drunken driver, is a sign Oregon needs tougher penalties for drunken driving.


Viperbronco aka Almasty - 06-15
build the wall. oh this is not about teens texting while driving
User from OR - 06-15
Lowering the legal limit won’t help. Of course Oregon would want to do that as it generates more income for them. They won’t allow dui check points as they’re afraid their foreign guest voting base would be targeted. Ignition interlocks on All cars would help. All new cars should have them standard. Make cell phones unable to send and receive texts while the phone is moving. I know those sound over reaching and they go against my beliefs. However none of these changes Oregon wants to implement come close to solving the problem. A problem that will only get worse. Drive sober and defensively.