Amy Schumer Gets Slammed For Wearing Postpartum Underwear in Public

Dearly - 06-14


Comedian Amy Schumer isn’t shy about sharing the realities of motherhood, but now some fans say she’s gone too far. The 38-year-old welcomed a baby boy on May 5 after struggling with chronic morning sickness that left her hospitalized during her pregnancy.

CatLady CatLady: We really didn't need to see that!!!!!

User from AZ: Those underpants are meant to be worn UNDER other clothing. Someone PLEASE tell me where I can locate the UN-SEE button😫🙏🙏💓

User from TX: This girl I swear will just do anything for attention it’s sad. We don’t want your shock factor

Billy Murphy: Yuck


User from FL - 06-18
That’s indecent exposure ...if a man did that,he would be arrested. Put some dang clothes on ..
Brown Suga - 06-17
let people be who they are. if she's comfortable we should respect that! 💁‍♀️
Maria Gutierrez - 06-17
She's a freaking comedian Everybody... she can do as she pleases I mean....She Is Who She Is...
Debra Fletcher - 06-17
Tari Kinsel - 06-17
I really don't see why everyone is upset. Yes she is out side in a bra and underwear but she probably owns all of the land around her. I would have loved to have a property big enough to walk around outside with the baby and not worry about clothes. I was uncomfortable in clothes after all 4 of my kids. None of my clothes fit right, my maternity were all to big and my other were to small.
Alfred Bonnabel - 06-17
She'll do about anything to stay relevant...what a mess.
Rita Limmer Walsh - 06-17
It is sad when folks don’t possess an ounce of self respect...
Diana Aidee Lopez - 06-17
I don't think she looks that bad, for a whale of a woman.
Christina White - 06-17
ok everyone talking shit but if she was in the exact same type of top and exact same type of bottom and it was pretty like floral or different color or something with a pretty design AKA a bathing suit no one would talk shit like this. bathing suits show just as much as what she's showing now. the people talking shit are the ones that need to get it together not her
John M. - 06-16
even Mormon undergarments are more attractive than that.
John M. - 06-16
Nero Spelatro - 06-16
Anita Stuart Vermilyea - 06-16
why do people let it bother them...she can wear what she wants...she has all the proper areas covered!! Get a life of your own people!
Efrain Morales - 06-16
Its great. freedom to express your self anyway u choose is why this country is so great!
Jessi Fryman - 06-16
They are just underwear all the women on here if you have had babies you know you have wore them. Everyone needs to mind their business yes it’s not news and maybe she shouldn’t have posed that way but who cares. If you don’t like what you see don’t look that’s my model. Amy you go girl
Terry Kindl - 06-16
I seen people on the TV show Cops get arrested for just underwears
Dave Sweeney - 06-16
This is news....why?
Ken Mingus - 06-16
She is identifying as mentally disturbed
Penny Higbee - 06-16
Always gonna be haters out there! Most people have no compassion for anyone anymore. If they’d all grow up and stop judging others the world would be a better place, but realistic that’s not going to happen anytime soon! Not sure what it is, jealousy or just hate in their hearts. I feel sorry for you all, karma is always near, be careful.
Thubby Cthulhu - 06-16
she's clearly got a mental disorder
Barbara Harpold - 06-16
Who cares! Worry about your own issues!!!
Michelle Townsend - 06-16
She’s so thirsty for attention.
Linda Jackson - 06-15
She’s a funny girl. Sorry love her and her silliness. Nice cute underpants. 😂😂
June Carey - 06-15
I'm speechless
Katie Titus - 06-15
she's not wearing anything less than a bathing suit would reveal. go her!
David Reed - 06-15
She is going tp do whatever she wants for attention and then claim its because she felt like it and doesn't care, but seriously....
User from MI - 06-15
Aw I just puked, please stay inside, pleeeeeze respect our eyes. Yuck 🦛🍔🌮🍕
T Porchia - 06-15
she's nasty and acts like she's the only want ever to become pregnant
User from NC - 06-15
Consider the source. Amy has no concept of decency anytime.
Joy Blackwell - 06-15
if it makes you happy that's what matters k u go for it. who cares what haters think on here k its about you. k. love you girl.