Steve Irwin’s Wife Decides It’s Been Long Enough And Comes Clean About Her Husband

JumbleJoy - 06-14


Steve Irwin’s love for animals was an open secret. Everyone knew just how much the remarkable conservationist and zookeeper loved animals and how he spent his life trying to educate the public about wildlife and their habitat. Steve had an upbeat personality that got across to everyone who knew him, and it was a big shock to everyone when Steve lost his life in 2006 at the young age of 44, and the world was thrown into mourning.

Jane Hansen: STEVE IRWIN will ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED as one of the great wildlife humanitarian of his time. I remember exactly where I was, when I heard of his passing. THOSE are the PEOPLE that LEAVE THEIR MARK FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. GOD BLESS AND REST HIS SOUL, AND CONTINUE TO WATCH OVER HIS FAMILY.🙏🙏🙏🙏

kenneth manning: he will always be missed.

Kevin Johnson: Too soon

Teresa Boyd: Great man gone too soon. 😢 💔

K Rane Blu Raye: RIP Steve miss your show. 💔


Gary Hoffman - 28 days ago
The career was like no other but when you realize he was absolutely nuts. And nuts gets you killed. I'm glade he wasn't my dad.
Jd Easterling - 29 days ago
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Patrick Smith - 29 days ago
I always loved this guys shows and I always loved the way he carried him self like I always got the impression that what you see is what you get down to earth guy . He is still missed to this day Crikey Mate that was a close one indeed
Marcia Walker - 29 days ago
R.i.p Steve
Jeff Thayne - 29 days ago
I loved watching him. He loved his family and the live for animals especially crocodiles. He named his kids after his favorite crocodiles.
gmh13 - 30 days ago
he was the greatest 👍
Lisa Ballard - 30 days ago
George Graves - 30 days ago
wat about her. head line. she got a story to telll. please
George Graves - 30 days ago
she need to stop talking
Connie Kepke - 30 days ago
Sad too soon
Reola J Lanegrasse Sr. - 30 days ago
Malik Favors - 30 days ago
I grew up loving his shows..I learned a lot about different animals and insects around the world..His dangerous one on one with animals grab my attention..He truly was a pioneer of wild life..Malik Favors #1 Fan
Randy Collins sr - 30 days ago
very true you will be in are heart forever
Barbara Rodriguez - 30 days ago
He lived such a full and incredible live.
Juanita Salazar - 30 days ago
Wrinkled Old Geezer - 06-18
🙏Amen..We miss You Steve...
Celestin Mungu - 06-18
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User from MI - 06-18
Gone to soon I miss you Steve !
JessiLee - 06-18
Amen!! For his wife and children to have everlasting blessings!!
Thegaming Pro - 06-18
i was a tiny kid who was watching his show everyday before but I was 3 years old when my mom broke the news to me and I was so sad and disappointed because I wouldn't get to see Steve go back out and tell is more about the animals thank you steve for having an impact in my life and many others🙏
Greg Pip - 06-18
wish I could of met him loved his show as a kid
mrbadass - 06-18
I was waiting for her to tell us he was half kangaroo and half calwalla bear
Mayme Edwards - 06-18
God bless the memory of Steve Irwin and his entire family.
john. Holland - 06-18
he was my hero ..showed us all.aspects of animals and he wasrnt scared of anything ..but anybody can get hurt or worse
User from AZ - 06-18
Sure was sorry we lost Steve. Sure loved his show. He has and will be missed. He was an awesome teacher on how to work with wild animals. So sorry 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻
Shirley Newman. - 06-18
God bless this person
Ericka Hogan - 06-18
Cherry Picker - 06-18
He was such a babe
McGregor - 06-17
That dark secret must have been eating her alive… I’m glad she finally came clean.
Judy Brant - 06-17
my family still talks Steve too. we loved him still do. Danger danger danger!! Steve so many people miss and love you.