Kylie Jenner Is Afraid Travis Scott Just Wants to Marry Her For Her Money [Report]

The Hollywood Gossip - 06-14


For months now, rumors about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott getting married have been circulating non-stop on social media. That's not terribly surprising, of course. Kylie and Travis have a daughter together, and their relationship seems solid.

RGAA: Prenup and make sure it has a Cheating Clause.


Lorrine Largent - 06-15
don't get married then simple as that all about the money
RGAA - 06-15
Prenup and make sure it has a Cheating Clause.
Connie Kepke - 06-15
LOL you think the best get a prenup if you're going to marry that dude
Caroline Henderson - 06-15
Wonder if he asked for a DNA Test and that is why you're trying to head off the shame of it being the bodyguard's baby
TT c - 06-15
A good woman is better than any kind of money