Rose Hanbury: Headed For Divorce Amid Prince William Cheating Scandal?

The Hollywood Gossip - 06-14


Back in April, reports that Prince William had been caught cheating on Kate Middleton scandalized the royal family. And the more details that emerged, the uglier the situation became.


User from AZ - 26 days ago
She will never be anything worth while a gold digger Kate is 100 % a better woman
Devora Jacobs - 26 days ago
I do wonder about a marriage where only one person gets a wedding band. In this case it was just Kate. Prince Charles wears a wedding band on his pinky finger & Prince Harry wears his on his ring finger. That has to send a message that's not a good one. He shouldn't be surprised by accusations.
Devora Jacobs - 26 days ago
Her brother said she was alone all the time due to their age difference. Maybe she cheated with other men not Prince William. Maybe Kate didn't like the association for that reason because she was a cheater not someone to have around your husband not that anything actually happened.
Sandy Blanchette - 26 days ago
what a disrespect for all his mum went through, IF IN FACT, he did cheat. did he not learn anything from the heartbreak and suffering of a great lady. one thing will prove true if this story is true.......he's more his father's son in his behavior and boy does/did he have many fooled. RIP Priness Di and may your spirit reach out to your son's morals.
User from IN - 26 days ago