Footage shows Prince Harry curtly telling Meghan Markle to 'turn around' and face the crowd during Trooping the Colour, says expert - 06-14


A lip reading expert has revealed that Prince Harry apparently told his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, to "turn around" during Trooping the Colour. The 34-year-old Duke of Sussex was seen talking to his wife Meghan, 37, as she stood in front of him on the balcony of Buckingham Palace last Saturday. She was seen turning back to speak to Harry on two occasions before he apparently told her to look in front.

Angela Golden: she should be respective to the ceremony. if she can't act like an adult she should be told how to act and be respectful. Good job Harry. you have a lot of work ahead of you cause Megan is no lady. I think she wants to wear the pants in the house not you.

Daphne Lyn Wolverton: She doesn't care about anyone but herself.

rabitlady991: She looked like she was going to cry

User from PA: Like oh my god, he was telling his wife to be respectful 😱 That’s awful! Cause couples don’t do these sorts of things on a regular basis 🙄 Is this really a big deal, and worth speculating? Lol

Laura Gillespie: Good lord. The music was about to play he knew and told her to turn around. That’s all. Everyone was facing the crowd. She turned around No big deal that I can see


Pamela J. Alsop - 29 days ago
she's great. shes seen it big deal....a formation of planes...borrrring.
User from CA - 30 days ago
The pictures before hand show them smiling and laughing. Your article is b.s.
Luna Solar - 06-18
turn around bright eyes. every now and then I get a little bit tired and then I see the look in your eyes.....
User from AL - 06-17
Disrespect toward the national anthem is not tolerated by the royal family who does she think she is, Michelle Obama?
Cherry Hightower - 06-17
Donna Fisher - 06-16
Sure lots of nasty comments on here. I am hoping you say the same things about those who don't stand for our National Anthem or flag. Or is it just jealousy?? Or would you just make these comments no matter who was standing there because you think you are perfect
George Dennett - 06-16
Who Cares! She is a Royal now..not American!
Cruz Hall - 06-16
i love this!!!! a while back i was told i was wrong for saying she unfortunately would now need to follow rules shes not used to and boy they acted like i was wrong and now after watching this.... haha!
Joan S - 06-16
shes learning
Linda Poplin - 06-16
She's not a royal that knows all the protocols yet, it will take time!
Todd L Eiesland - 06-16
And what a good little obedient wife. She turned her fugly mug right to the crowd and smiled just like the fake little princess that she is. Go Harry!
User from WA - 06-16
Turn around the first time then all good.
User from MO - 06-16
She certainly looked like she was holding back tears. He seems indifferent to here. Wonder what is going on? It was a very fast engagement and now a baby. Who knows maybe they are both adjusting to a new baby or maybe when she maid really nasty comments about Trump (unbecoming of a Royal member) maybe that caused some issues. Who knows!
Sandra Scott - 06-16
All of you need to learn some respect. I doubt she had ill intentions talking to her husband & looked hurt, trying to hold back tears.
alice sloan stottko - 06-16
Check out the Royals it looks like they were chatting and she just looked over.
Harmony Phillips - 06-16
kv - 06-15
Beautiful dress .
Rachael Severance - 06-15
much ado about nothing
kv - 06-15
Big deal , give me a break .
Harkins James - 06-15
who cares
Anita Flanagan - 06-15
So what, she's NEW to the MONARCHY; she's learning proper protocol...Hell, she wasn't born a royal.
Jacqueline Fain - 06-15
Margaret Saunders - 06-15
She's not the only one not facing the front take a good look and you'll see so many others very happily turned away from the front and seem to be engaging in conversation. leave her alonetalk about fake news....ugh!
User from FL - 06-15
Who cares?
Evelyn Galinac - 06-15
you gotta train these chimps to do everything...
cheryl melton - 06-15
who cares? It is her right. Look at Charles. He was turned around. If it was here in the states people would be saying to leave her alone. This is 2019
DW69 - 06-15
Why don't we just ask Harry what was said. Harry what did you say to Meagan? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS !
Diana Massey Moore - 06-15
of course he would say that. He served in the Military and it was rude of her to be talking during the Anthem.
Connie Kepke - 06-15
😆 I would say he told her to turn around because she did turn around and didn't look back and the kids were nowhere near him for him to tell them as such I'm actually surprised she listen maybe she wants to change that routine as well
Fran Hunter - 06-15
You can't accept that was being said. He may have told her Archie is fine, dear. The baby was supposedly behind Harry with the nanny. And she heard the baby cry or whatever babies do in a crowd! I don't believe what the media starts up. Just to get reactions, negative or not.