Kate Middleton made a super subtle, romantic gesture to Prince William on TV

Cosmopolitan - 06-14


Kate Middleton and Prince William might not be as publicly affectionate as their brother and sister-in-law, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but that doesn't mean the romance isn't there between them. And to prove it, in a recent children's TV segment the Duchess of Cambridge did for Blue Peter, she made sure to include a sweet nod to Prince William.

User from NC: She is a better person than William.

Name:Unknown: Did she have a stroke what’s wrong with the left part of her lips


Paula Folk - 06-17
Oh! I see what u mean about her lip!! Can u imagine what she went through finding out that your husband and best friend were having an affair while u were pregnant!! She lost so much weight after finding out and confronting Rose!! I saw pictures of her and she looked anorexic!! Same thing happened to Diana!! Yes, User from NC, I do believe she is a better person than William!! Also, there are pictures of him getting cozy with several different women!!! This is something new (not having a mistress) in royal families! Prince Philip had his, Charles had his, BUT, I thought William and Harry wouldn't do it because they saw what it did to their family!! Bye the way, it wasn't Meghan and Kate that was the problem with fighting in the palace! It was William, Kate and Harry for the above reason above!! The rags and haters knew there was something wrong and of course it was Meghan's fault!
William Peter Jarrett - 06-16
Her lip? Trying hard to keep him from her friend.
Name:Unknown - 06-15
Did she have a stroke what’s wrong with the left part of her lips
User from NC - 06-14
She is a better person than William.