Fans Are Freaking Out Over How Different Khloé Kardashian Looks in This Video

Cosmopolitan - 06-14


Fans think Khloé Kardashian looks completely different—and just like Kris Jenner—in a new video with Kylie Jenner. Khloé is once again dealing with speculation that she got a nose job, which she addressed last year and isn't anyone's business.

User from FL: She is like a plastic water bottle

Dan Kidd: She's still a skank like the whole family is

user from Georgia: Gosh, Khloe is so... Orange brown color.

Pammie Jacobsen: Does anyone really care? 😜😜😜😜🤯🤢

Susan Callahan: who cares


User from CA - 06-17
She looks straight up like a dummy for
User from GA - 06-17
Khloe is beautiful , don’t need any surgery. She seems nice and loves her daughter!!
Tok Lee - 06-17
looks just like o.j Simpson. You can't change that. They both have ugly personalities. Photoshop doesn't even do the trick.
Name:Unknown - 06-16
Audra Lasley - 06-16
It kills me how negative so many people Are. And don't you have anything better to do than to talk shit about someone you don't know! She is human too people, regardless if she's famous or not! get a life!
Audra Lasley - 06-16
Khlo I think you look beautiful no matter what you decide to do. which is ABSOLUTELY NO ONES BUSINESS IF YOU HAVE DONE ANYTHING!
User from DE - 06-16
Looks older
User from LA - 06-16
It’s called MAKEUP
Just'n Opinion - 06-16
Shes transformed into that porn star that was married to Tito Ortiz. Jenna Jamison! She must be proud😬
User from TX - 06-16
Why in the name of God does it even matter? They are filthy rich off women they wouldn’t spit on if they were on fire,UNLESS THERE WAS A CAMERA THERE🤮
Peggy Duey - 06-15
What in the world will she cut off next?! She’s so pathetically insecure!
Tjoy310 - 06-15
when you put yourself out there as a marketing tool - you can't say "mind ur own business". Basically, ur saying don't criticize me; only comment if it's positive. Can't have it both ways. I just wonder if the K KLAN gals have checked out the older women in their community who have had "work done" b4 they really need it? The Pimp Momager looks good because she did it at an age appropriate time.
Blondina Grijalva - 06-15
cosmetics are for the them to cover all the surgery's they all had.
Blondina Grijalva - 06-15
yuck 😜 more plastic 😷
Missy Robinson - 06-15
Hawaiians don't give a rip
Anita Figueroa Dean - 06-15
She now wants to be Black?🙄 She's darker in this picture and her real nose disappeared! She's so needy and pathetic! they all need to go away for at least 5 years!
Mort Piatt - 06-15
O J's kid maybe?
User from OH - 06-15
She really looks like OJ daughter by Nicole now.. Wow! 😳 I was always defending her, saying she’s a Kardashian. Damn!!!
User from FL - 06-14
She is like a plastic water bottle
Anthony Evens - 06-14
she looks good no matter what she does! matter fact the blonde hair makes her look even better!!
Gwendolyn Tolliver - 06-14
who cares
Tom Hall - 06-14
she looks awesome.
Jewell Hall - 06-14
Gad who cares she is a nobody just taking up sleez news.
user from Georgia - 06-14
Gosh, Khloe is so... Orange brown color.
Lucy Dennis - 06-14
khloe your nose is perfect omg please more self esteem and less annoying comments from people that know crap. your a smart intelligent women your nose is perfect . people wtf. leave her and her nose alone. thanks
Tamela Harding - 06-14
so what
Cindy Roman - 06-14
Why are you guys hating? Do you and let them do them. It's that simple
Susan Callahan - 06-14
who cares
Pammie Jacobsen - 06-14
Does anyone really care? 😜😜😜😜🤯🤢
Dan Kidd - 06-14
She's still a skank like the whole family is