Police: Man tried to abduct girl, 6, from home. Grandpa wasn’t going to let that happen

First Coast News - 06-13


A man is behind bars after police said he attempted to kidnap a girl from her grandparent's apartment in Indiana, WTHR reports. According to the WTHR, Benjamin Dillon is accused of trying to abduct a 6-year-old girl from an apartment complex near downtown Lebanon.


Joan S: Great job!!!!!! rip that face off!

"ME": too bad he didn't have a shot gun

Coleen Marriott: He would want to come into my house !! He would have been meeting up with Smith and Wesson! No mug shot for him just a body bag!

William Colwell: And why are folks assuming that all that damage was from Grandpa? Momma bears can be viscious when their Cubs are threatened......just sayin'....🙅


Vickie Boyles Glass - 7 days ago
Grandparents can be vicious!!
User from FL - 7 days ago
Hey, Grandpa Great job, glad he never met my family, keep doing what you do she has a great grandfather!!!!!👍👍🤬🤬
User from IL - 7 days ago
Good job grandpa
Tammy Clark - 7 days ago
Thank God for Granddad 👍❤
Carranda Sedlock - 8 days ago
Sarita Parker - 8 days ago
Glad they could hold him off until cops arrived. There are way too many child molesters out there.
Deviant Artist - 8 days ago
Good job Gramps!
Pj Jackson - 8 days ago
got his face whipped by grandpa now is inmate go get his azz
Johnathan Lee Johnson - 8 days ago
Great job grandpa
Pat Kniss - 8 days ago
Go grandpa! My husband would done the same thing!
User from MS - 8 days ago
I love my Tide
Lionness - 8 days ago
What a wonderful job grandpa.
ken kainz - 9 days ago
good for you Pappy
J.M.J - 10 days ago
Now that's my kind of grandpa
Cvr SLP - 10 days ago
how SICK can you be to be in wait for a child. then had the audacity to THINK you had open access by entering her safe haven. he has been doing his lil relatives for years, and his family LET hin live.
Latricia Carson - 10 days ago
Don't mess with Grandpa😅
The_Overlord - 10 days ago
Yes! A feel good story. I sleep next to my Benelli m4 always ready. Just wishing a mother****er would lol
John Doe - 10 days ago
What a beautiful ending to a terrible situation...
Agnes Miller - 10 days ago
Happy belated Birthday Alelia, and many more👏👏👏👏👏👏 ❤️
Kim Snipes - 11 days ago
Good for Grandpa. Very Good.
Randie Tucker - 11 days ago
That's one awesome Grandpa
Chrisitine Krenichen - 11 days ago
This is the kinda grandpa I wish I had. Hats off to grandpa. HERO!!
RHKSC - 11 days ago
Good Job Grandpa
kenpo4Antifapunks - 12 days ago
grandpa should not of let the fcker live
mailon regets - 15 days ago
Cynthia Elliott - 16 days ago
if only every baby had a grandpa, or anyone who cared as much in general...
Josh Pederson - 16 days ago
let it be a lesson..
Troy Bridges - 18 days ago
That Ole Pappy Is A Freaking Hero!!!!!
Kendrick Mobley - 18 days ago
good for him
User from NM - 18 days ago