She's Been Blowing Her Husband for 25 Years But Something's Suddenly Off...

The Stranger - 06-13


I'm a woman in my mid-50s who has been in a happy hetero marriage for the past 25 years. We are each other's best friends, and though the sex has dropped off a bit, it's still exciting and fun. Here's the thing, though: for the past maybe ten years, my husband's sperm has started tasting absolutely horrible—bitter and nasty—and my response now, nearly every time I give him head, is to gag when he comes. Sometimes it's okay, but sometimes it's so bad that I literally throw up a little bit into my mouth. He had a vasectomy about 15 years ago, I don't know if that makes a difference. Maybe it's just age, or what he eats?

Jacqueline Perkins: nothing is sacred anymore


xx kingjukeexx xx: can see why the marriage last so long☺

User from IL: Lol just here for the comments

Thomas Bovenzi: people finding fault with your column amaze me why do they read it knowing what it's about just to find fault with it


Greg Kolesnikov - 4 days ago
im next Blow me.and sawllow
Jarhead leatherneck - 4 days ago
Hillary is that you?
ima piledriver - 5 days ago
how about her phone number.
Ronni Johnson - 5 days ago
why swallow....
Last Chance - 6 days ago
pineapple three tines a day.
Boss420 - 6 days ago
Shannon Blackmon - 6 days ago
well my nutZ"Husband🤣 taste🍻 good2me,yummy taste like white creamy Budweiser beer tasty🤣🍻
Cameron Smith - 7 days ago
look at today's poisonous food, makes complete sense. tell him to eat some damn fruit and less McDonalds
Laura Carr - 8 days ago
I read the title and thought it was just a "GAG" or bad choice of words. NOPE. So, with my morning coffee, I too read the whole article. I must admit, the body is a most fascinating and intricate work of science.
User from NC - 9 days ago
This is news? How incredibly gross! If she is puking in her mouth stop doing it. I’m sure he’s not forcing her. There may be more to the story but I couldn’t read it because it was too gross for me.
Myrna Klingner - 9 days ago
this is truly sick to put this on the internet. what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. no medals here
Marvel.901 - 10 days ago
Kiss that nasty old lady you 25 + years of back up all on you, you better watch who you lip lock with today and 24 years back in the day if you been getting sick your wife or husband haven't told you there mouth really be at work.
money bags - 10 days ago
lucky bastatd i have to wait til the wind blows me
User from NY - 11 days ago
Check with his doctors it might be the medication he on. Good luck
Natalie Edwards - 11 days ago
What is she another Linda Lovelace 😅
Cheryl Sis Holub - 11 days ago
Why would you share this on social media??
John Shoemaker - 11 days ago
nasty motherfckers
Bob Simpson - 12 days ago
fat girls give the best head.
Sandi Davis - 12 days ago
Patricia Hewes - 12 days ago
Ewww, really!
300 mag - 12 days ago
eat pine apple
SteelerGold Barnett - 13 days ago
slash - 13 days ago
Drue Chesky - 13 days ago
Hear we go again. I'm sure she's famous lmao !
Kyla Pitt - 14 days ago
This is the most sickening article I have read in a long time.
Jinger Rogers - 15 days ago
thank u for posting this ive never laughed so hard in my life
Luna Solar - 15 days ago
25 years of that. Jeeze when does she get to retire?
Anthony Johnson - 16 days ago
Myra Plaskett - 16 days ago
you got what you was looking for. thats a sign you need another past time.maybe he s.pocking it in. the wrong spot dear.wake up
Myra Plaskett - 16 days ago
advicenasty heffer. who wants to know you stoop that low.