Mom With Her Two Kids Has No Clue She’s Being Recorded And Now People Wanted Her Arrested

JumbleJoy - 06-13


As moms, we always want the best for our children. We do everything that we can to keep them protected. We want them to live comfortably and healthily. We are doing this not only because it is our responsibility to do so, but we love our kids that’s why we’ll go over and beyond especially when it concerns them.

Jody Bellomy: any parent who can put there well being a head of there child shouldn't be a parent

Beverly Moody: she- could had easily wrapped them in a blanket atleast, if the car seat wouldn't buckle with their coats on. Better yet, why not put the costs on, before leaving the car-...I agree, that weather in North Dakota is way- too cold to be outside in negative weather... without any warm coats and clothes on. Thin t shirts , are not going to keep the body warm... in that freezing weather. she seemed mad, the way she threw that oldest baby in the back of the buggy. Kind of harsh to me. Maybe she was having a bad day already- at home and taking it out- on the children. Which is definitely wrong. poor babies... they are innocent and always end up the- ones hurting.

Drew L: Damn, everyone is jumping to conclusions. Maybe there's a perfectly good explanation for this. We don't know, yet we are willing to condemn her based on a few seconds of video. I'm not liking where this country is headed.

User from WA: Ya know....I get so tired of people trying to get into other peoples business. Mind your own kids.

Nino Ceballos: Come on already, this story is for ever old already, get new stories already!


User from MN - 25 days ago
Yes. We have kids in the car with no coats. We also have warm blankets to wrap them up in when we take them from the car seat before they are taken outside
Esther Zamora - 25 days ago
she shouldn't have the children taken from her just jave a patenting class. this os very short so sh may hsve blankets gor them. and again she may had taken them off to put them on carseat and hadnt put them back on yet. ive had to take my grandchilds coat off so they could fit in carseat and we put ot back on as we ate getting then out or right after. Dont judge somebody inless you actually see them walking around outside without the childrens coat on.
midnight The cat - 26 days ago
it says sub zero which i call bullshit on. name the location and actual temperature. also my whole life having lived in the upper northeast i have shoveled more snow in shorts and sandals then i have worn pants. everyone thinks oh this temp. is terrible but if your from florida or texas as i have vacationed in both these people weaar parkas in 65 degree heat and im swimming in the fucking pools and feel like im sweating still.
Al Bundy - 26 days ago
it makes the kids tougher
Senio Seiuli - 26 days ago
The only way why she did that, so when they in store,,she will put all the new jackets for them and shoes, socks, beanie,,all the good stuff it happens and that's how she will definitely do that.
robert s. scherr - 26 days ago
It figures...
Jai Brown - 26 days ago
If ur taking their coats off at least have a heavy blanket 2 cover them along with hat and gloves. Or just be extra careful when in the car seat an hurry to a warm area. CRAZY... My kids come before me I'll freeze before them because I'm a real mom that loves her 3.
Misty Moore - 26 days ago
wow people like her are plain evil
Michael Marilyn - 27 days ago
she doesn't deserve her kids, the woman who pointed out the car seat issues of wearing their coats is plain stupid because if that was the case then why not have a coat easily accessible to put back on the child. This mother clearly doesn't care about her children and to think it was below 9 degrees out, no wonder the second child refused to come out the car, this is just torture... not to mention sickening to say the least.
Prophetess Thomas - 27 days ago
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Cynthia Thompson - 27 days ago
This is old news
Lisa Craig - 27 days ago
Hell yes she should
Heidi Merchant - 27 days ago
And just how many lavish coats was mom wearing?
Carlos P. Jr - 27 days ago
This World is going to hell in a hand basket. What is going on?These kid's and Parent's need prayer. People are not thinking clearly.
kalle garcia - 27 days ago
i have eaten about twice a week for a while now and my babygirl aint missed a meal yet. im skin n bone lost alot of hair breast bout gone. priorities. she deserves only the best. im grown and shes still growing so every meal counts. i do whatever i got to do.
Annette Ventura - 27 days ago
The fact remains that those kids didn't have appropriate clothing. Selfish woman.
Sandra Henry - 27 days ago
CPS should step in to investigate to ensure the mother was doing as she SHOULD. Sometimes there are no 2nd chances when it comes to abuse and neglect and it's our jobs to find out.
sweetone Dallas - 27 days ago
I just want to say that one evening it was winter cold raining I believe & I was out walking doing mommy duty's while my pride& joy @4 ages 8,10 ,15,18 at home chilling warm , while they waited for me to come back from the market so I'm soak I get home called them all to the living I told them come on ,their like let me get my coat I said no I like that they were like but we're gonna get wet I said I know & it's cold I Know I stood out there for 5 min so they can see what I go through for them ,with that being said I said my babies cuz they will always b my babies 17,19,23,26. they love me to the fullest god bless everyone
Annette Margaret Blanco - 28 days ago
That is child abuse!!!!
Sherry Cline - 28 days ago
my kids came first .I did not get out of the car until they had their coats on,no matter how long it took or how much they caught it. If I could not dress them right I took their father to sit in the warm car with them. sherry
Paula Tuttle - 28 days ago
If your cold your child is cold. I have personally seen moms and dads with coats on and their children have no coat or socks or shoes on. Bottom line if your cold your child is cold.
Helen G. - 28 days ago
Poor kids!! It’s true when they say Not every woman fitted to be a mother!!!😡😡😡👎
Shelly Balderas - 29 days ago
I think she needs to be reminded that she should have their coats with them and put them on the kids before getting them out of the car!!!She should already know this!!!I have seen this kind of things happen all the time I've seen a mother carrying a little baby in very cold weather from the car to the store with nothing on the babies feet not even socks with the thinnest blanket on her baby to just around the waist area!!!!
Dawn Gilbert - 29 days ago
I saw something similar in my town last winter at the Walmart they were putting groceries in the cart and the kid was barely dressed and it was cold and windy and the baby was sitting in the cart for a long time while they loaded stuff in the car. I don't understand why they didn't put the kid in first and start the car? It just take a little common sense. What makes me mad is when people say their kid is sick all the time, and they have this illness and that illness when half of that could be prevented if they took care of the child as good as they take care of themselves.
User from KY - 29 days ago
This is one of the most non journalistic articles I’ve ever read. This writer with his judgmental slanted so called reporting should be fired. He has designated himself as law enforcement, judge and jury. I have never read a more pejorative article in my life.
User from WA - 29 days ago
Ya know....I get so tired of people trying to get into other peoples business. Mind your own kids.
Justin Chasteen - 30 days ago
I haven't seen images this bad in 10 year's
RC Coffin - 30 days ago
put the mom in their position
Nino Ceballos - 30 days ago
Come on already, this story is for ever old already, get new stories already!
Nancy Hall - 30 days ago
we see this in Arkansas. The children are beat red while mom is bundled up