Nearly $110,000 in cash fell out of realtor's panties when she was arrested and charged with DUI after she drove through a crowd of concertgoers

Daily Mail - 06-13


North Carolina police said nearly $110,000 fell out of a DUI suspect's dress after she was arrested for driving through a crowd of people at a concert. Catherine Allford, 63, allegedly drove through a restricted area that was blocked off for a customer appreciation event at Bert's Black Widow Harley-Davidson.

Mike Dobson: I thought she was not very attractive - until I read the $110k part. Yea, on second thought, she’s pretty hot.

Ronnie Smith: something smells fishy here....

Francine Hughes: Damn, did the panties have pockets.

Gerardo Garza Jr.: dirty money?🤔

Halloween: This woman looks petite, it seems near impossible that 110k would-be in her panties.


P. Pounder - 29 days ago
Panties had a built in duffle bag
P. Pounder - 29 days ago
What the hell size panties was she wearing?
scar 187 - 30 days ago
im not a janitor but i sure as hell would've been a street cleaner real quick.
TJ Neal - 30 days ago
Great advertisement for Depends ... or not, depending on how you look at it.
Gayle McCarty - 30 days ago
why do they call them "panties" just call them underwear, lol
Bryan Sawyer - 30 days ago
Tell her to call me' I wanna marry her!
Angel L Berrios - 30 days ago
Must of been a botched surgery or she should use that money to fix her face
Jared Dotson - 30 days ago
Robert Pinnix - 30 days ago
Are you kidding me. 15,000 dollar bond, lock her up she’s going to hurt somebody. They never learn!!! Come on judges
H Cave - 30 days ago
she looks like the monster from Stephen king's movie sleepwalkers
Melissa Anne - 30 days ago
Bad lip job!😂😂😂😂
Tupac Shakur - 30 days ago
I know a HOMELESS vodka drinking woman who's always losing her purse on the First on the month with all her Social Security money..this woman should be thankful she recovered it. (or most)
Brandi N Rollins - 06-19
The hell? im a big woman and cant fit all that without it looking weird. she looks 87 lbs. lolol.
Dave Hare - 06-18
Kevin Johnson - 06-18
Pruny lookin Meth head..wit all da $$$ slammed up her Cooter...Dream Girl!!!💤💤💤👸👸👸
sheryl simmons - 06-18
not their damn business what she had up her snatch. last i heatd not illegal to stash cash up your snatch just dtugs
Let's not forget - 06-18
Blood Money!
Terri Marshall Fleming - 06-18
Terri Marshall Fleming - 06-18
Homer Osborne - 06-18
Baby Step - 06-18
drug face
Tupac Shakur - 06-18
and we all touch that dirty money. roll it up and shove it up our nose..and there's nothing we can do about is gross, who ever don't want it Give it here. and I'll dispose of it properly
Dawn Landry - 06-18
wow I wouldn't want her to be my realtor
Minong Maniac - 06-17
She's hot, that inbreeding did her right!
Colum Gallagher - 06-17
she looks like a Vodka Train Wreck
Patrick D Bumphis - 06-17
those were some pretty expensive panties I must add
George Solomon - 06-17
geez, how big were her panties..😮
User from GA - 06-17
Build that wall!
Silberfox - 06-17
What is she on and when is the last time she slept !!
User from OR - 06-17
She looks like a frign cat?