Watch: Cardi B Gives Everyone A Reason To Ride – Or Not To Ride – The NY Subway – “If I Wasn’t Famous I’ll Be Doing This”

SOHH - 06-13


New York rapper Cardi B is adding a fresh perceptive to public transit. The hip-hop diva has shared some hilarious footage of women twerking their lights out on a Big Apple subway car turning up to her new DJ Khaled “Wish Wish” single.

Patrick Murphy: YUCK

Nope: Disgusting

Puppers McGee: all but one of the guys looked didgusted. what trashiness.

User from NJ: Disgusting

Armed Archangel: I wonder if they know how dirty the train's floor is in NY!


Valeska Warren - 4 days ago
young,young even babies see this and think it's okay. Causes us to see babies and young children doing the same and acting like nasty grown folks. Sadly many people think it's okay.
Valeska Warren - 4 days ago
That's life now absolutely anything goes. So you can expect anything. No reason to be surprised. If it's disgusting, just look the other way. They grave attention. A way to fix that is don't give it to them.
Valeska Warren - 4 days ago
So lady like. Im sure their mommas are proud. Momma tell them you go girl shake what your momma gave you. So, so lady like.
Cindy Hildebrand - 5 days ago
those are men lol
Cindy Hildebrand - 5 days ago
so trashie want he's Miley Cyrus
Sheila Lutz - 5 days ago
when ylu dont have get attention the old fashioned being a hoe
Dagger Fuentez - 7 days ago
Kenton Collins - 11 days ago
User from CA - 14 days ago
Greg Miletti - 20 days ago
she's so big that when she gets on the scale a little card pops out that says:"one person at a time please"...(omg!)
Greg Miletti - 20 days ago
she's so big her even her cellulite have have caves in them...(omg!)
Greg Miletti - 20 days ago
she's so big the post office gave her a private zip code...(omg)
Dawn VonWald - 21 days ago
trash @ it's finest,wonder how many illegitimate children they have by diff daddies on the welfare train🤔
Warren Geti - 21 days ago
Carlos P. Jr - 24 days ago
User from VA - 25 days ago
I thought this was hilarious
PATRICK ROBINSON - 26 days ago
I agree with the comment about the children. They look like they were having fun. They didn't harm anyone. They had some people smiling. Stop hating.
a lot of unrecyclable plastic what a waste
User from TN - 28 days ago
Come on! Have these bimbos ever heard of acting like a lady or havjng respect for yourself???? Evidently not. This is disgusting! They obviously had no role models or parents to teach them right from wrong! And this public display is WRONG!!!!
Billy Bubba Bob - 28 days ago
walking STD. 💩
last chance - 30 days ago
should be able to sue for that. everybody should not be subjected to that. there should be ratchet subway where they would be right at home.
Ash.K.C - 30 days ago
Hopefully there were no kids on that train.
Patricia Ortiz - 30 days ago
Roy McAlister - 06-15
Nasty ratchets owe me a new phone...those pics caused me to barf all over mine!
Forget About It - 06-15
omg I'm going to barf
Kat Har - 06-15
User from NJ - 06-14
Moeski14 Taylor - 06-14
I should've been on that train cardi I'm your biggest fan
Haneefah Moore - 06-14
WTF did i just watch on my breaking news😠. Women have respect for yourselves. What the strip clubs dont have enough space you have to come on trains with this trashy twerking? Unbelievable🤦🏽
Puppers McGee - 06-14
all but one of the guys looked didgusted. what trashiness.