Lee Daniels is ‘Beyond Embarrassed’ by His Initial Support of Jussie Smollett

sandrarose.com - 06-12


Lee Daniels says he is embarrassed by his initial public show of support for former Empire star Jussie Smollett. Daniels was unwavering in his support for the actor who told police he was ambushed outside his Chicago condo by 2 Trump supporters in January.

Jeffrey DeCell: I can't believe we are teaching this shit to our children

Janice Shelton Howell: You can't hide from GOD

D3111E: Yuk.

Teresa Sommerfeld: excuse me while I hurl big nasty lumps of puke.

User from FL: Barf


Lucky Eddie - 4 days ago
The guy distanced himself from a liar. What is tge big deal? Why iss this even considered news?
Anthony - 5 days ago
I can have an opinion and try to strike a balance between not be judgemental and know God is the only judge, however there are all forms of sin. I still feel this is Sick!!!!!
jada scott - 5 days ago
if that's what you want to do baby didn't do it this your life
Chuck Taylor Jr - 7 days ago
he should be arrested now for child abuse....kids were watching!
He actually said that he considered Smollett like a son. I bet he did. Again psychologically proving and demonstrating how homosexuality is caused largely by the sexual abuse children, especially boys who have been molested by men. NO REAL FATHER KISSES THEIR SONS SEXUALLY ... THAT'S PERVERSION. How are our young men going to turn out when their minds, hearts and bodies have scarred by their pedophiles and an entertainment community that glamorizes these pedophiles as they groom children to become as messed up as they are! Like Vampires, the only way for the Homosexual to reproduce is by tainting and warping another young mind into gender confusion through pornography, lewd acts and sexual abuse. This is absolutely horrific and this makes Homosexuality not only sinful but it's a Cultural Virus that will cause an entire nation to destroy itself falling into an abyss depopulation and disease.
Patricia Holland - 9 days ago
News to me,I had no clue that those 2 main shows we watched were cancelled,thanks jussie
User from SC - 10 days ago
Roger Hall - 10 days ago
Oh man..........why am I not surprised?
Robbin Longs - 10 days ago
First of all , truth be told , Facebook is nothing but social media, just like looking at the news. People use it to air their dirty laundry and talk about other people, threatening to be a friend when none of it is true. That includes family as well, people have problems and no one is PERFECT BUT GOD, be careful what you say about others, I was always told ' never say never'. The world of God says ;" JUDGE NOT LEAST YOU BE JUDGED BY THE SAME MEASURE (OR WAY), YOU MEET. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN WE FEEL LIKE WE KNOW WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE , NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE, GOD HAS THE LAST WORD ON EVERYTHING, NO MATTER HOW THE LAW OR ANYONE ELSE FEELS. YES, I DO STAND UP FOR WHAT'S RIGHT, AND YET I PRAY FOR MY FRIENDS AND MORE SO EVEN MY ENEMIES 🙏🙏, JUST AS THE WORD SAYS. THE ONLY AND BEST WAY TO DO IT IS LET GO AND LET GOD WORK IT ALL OUT, AND PRAY. GOD BLESS 🙏🙏 ALL IS ALWAYS MY PRAYERS FROM MY 💓 HEART .
Kevin Johnson - 10 days ago
Pole Smokers Untied
Henrietta Chuong - 10 days ago
Well at least now you know the truth about the beloved smollett. He's the one who brought your downfall in your career. You have had two shows going on for you. Now you have nothing. Good luck with your future.
Shantel Rankin - 10 days ago
This is not what God's nation should be built on. It seems as if this is our news topic(s) every single day. It's beyond a disgrace to the point that people doesn't even care what God Word saids about men with men and women with women burning in their own lusts one towards another. When you put God's Word on them people always saying you're judging... No, we are telling them what's right. Surely we let God be the judge but at the end of the day God do not condone your sin(s). It's disgusting and people need to be delivered. We still have to love and pray for them to come out of their sins. The world must know the truth before the end come.
Courtney Taimesai - 10 days ago
oh wow smh
calvin Wagner - 10 days ago
The guy should be in jail..and still might be after investigation is over
LaDonna Houston - 10 days ago
All have sin so Nobody can judge.
calvin Wagner - 10 days ago
if it's a duck it's a duck..
LaDonna Houston - 10 days ago
But that's who u wanna b people are just enjoying their life when others r Struggling in their own on.
User from CO - 10 days ago
Ahhh , ewe !!!!!
Lee Jordan - 10 days ago
you kiss your son on the mouth lee Daniels?
Sue Woodson - 10 days ago
Pray for them, US without sin cast the first stone. Most won't stand for it in public. Most views are judgemental. I find praying for people's life styles that i disagree with more effective. I know what the word states about same sex relations. ALL SIN IS VILE.
Lynette Carter - 10 days ago
Marvel.901 - 10 days ago
Its some sick as people out in the world i mean you can't let your child get online cause of shit like that i want let my kids have Facebook until we talk about all the sick shit that be on there and Twitter and IG and on, me and my have have to tell them when you see 2 men kissing or 2 women kissing get off that page cause they are sick evil and is of no good the things they do is not of God only of the devil, we talk to our kids.
B P - 11 days ago
this is sickening too men. and adoption too LGBT is just confusing or kids gender they don't what to do male & male or female & female. not Adam nor eve. what's wrong with everybody.
Maryann Tucci - 11 days ago
I agree 💯 percent ! children shouldn't see this!
Highland Lakes - 11 days ago
Adam and Steve
end bet for better results it's trash
Olivia Dunn - 12 days ago
l knew they were doing their nasty thing..nasty freaks
Michelle Jackson - 12 days ago
that gross!🤮
Nick Rose - 13 days ago
If Obama had a son.........
Leah Morgan - 13 days ago
One thing this fiasco of a story did was open our eyes to the hoaxed hate crime epidemic in the USA and how and why people do it. I think hoaxedhatecrimes.org or .com site increased traffic shows people are starting to do their own research.