Love & Hip Hop ATL: Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka In Jamaica Living Their Best Lives - 06-12


Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tammy Rivera and her husband Waka Flocka Flame are in Jamaica living their best lives. Sources told Urban Islandz that the couple touched down in reggae land last week with some of their friends and family. They rented out a villa on the North Coast and we’re told that they’ve been having a blast as they hit up some fun filled spots like Duns River Falls and Blue Hole.

Lanette Dieter: her husband loves her and that's all that matters

Star Lilly: lmao if people think this is sexy noooooo it isnt

Mellisa Crow: that man loves his wife you guys are an admired respected n loved couple.real parents that stuck together.congradulations continue to have fun on ur journey.

Mellisa Crow: No stomach...she has no stomach and perky matter what people think her husband still loves her.🍓

User from NY: Once a cheater always a cheater he will cheat again no respect


User from LA - 10 days ago
Milk legs!
Jerome Tobe - 12 days ago
she mean
Marilyn Schmidt - 16 days ago
Watched Cadi B the other night on TV. She's worked hard to get where she is and doing a good job. Don't judge her case until its over! BTW l'm white.
Tiesha Potts - 18 days ago
let this ppl live Beautiful couple
Barbara Mckoy - 18 days ago
this relationship am over it all ready some body got a std all the cheating
Stormin Norman - 20 days ago
waka married a fat girl he look better marrying lil nas
Stormin Norman - 20 days ago
why he marry a fat girl
Jey Cee - 20 days ago
stay there..
Jerome Tobe - 21 days ago
she mean
Benny Canez - 27 days ago
enjoy your self and have a great weekend and fuck the haters they mad because they are not there I bet you if anyone of these negative people was there with you they would not say anything about you and your girl so have a good time shit you have my vote and blessings Amen
Leahnjou Himes - 06-21
I love them together
Kari Cotton - 06-20
User from TX - 06-20
Well alrighty then, niggers that can’t grow hair and are definitely not blonde 😆😂🤣😁. Figgers that’s a nigger.
Whitney Lynette - 06-19
nice couple
Rand Freeman - 06-18
we's likes dem big ass's
Sandra Livingston Hapuarachchi - 06-17
looks like a nice couple enjoying a vacation nice photo but how could you swim with the long braids
Ronnie Dio - 06-16
Oakmtn - 06-15
She looks like she eats at the Varsity a LOT!!!! "uh yes, I'll have four slaw dogs with extra slaw, and throw some of dat cheese sauce on em. And gimme 2 order of fries and a order of dem onion rings. Oh yea, and a diet Coke".
Marion Jiles - 06-15
okay now
ELECTRIC 9 - 06-15
Who fkk is this now!??😬😬😬👳‍♂️!
User from NY - 06-15
Once a cheater always a cheater he will cheat again no respect
Wic Wicked - 06-15
I wish people stop using,living their best life,because we only have one life.Even the struggle is part of the best that come and go.Just stop.✋QUIT talking in third person.Got people out here doing what ever it takes to live up to this trend.Brake ups,going broke,not raising or paying attention to their children.All kind of crazy stuff.Just live yo life and think God while you do it,and you'll see even the times that were bad,was only part of the best thing that you got once.
Hrothgar 666 - 06-14
haha 🐒🐒
Peggy Duey - 06-14
Cover those thunder thighs! That’s ugly.
Jonny - 06-14
who wants to see a fat chic
Hector Perez - 06-14
who cares
Olivia Thomas - 06-14
that women better get on a treadmill
Donald R - 06-13
Sweet 😊 😊 😊
Lanette Dieter - 06-13
her husband loves her and that's all that matters
Charles Trombley - 06-13
Peace and Love!!❤💯