'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Beth Chapman Makes Bold Admission Amid Cancer Diagnosis

Popculture - 06-12


Beth Chapman will not let cancer keep her down. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star shared a dressed-up photo Tuesday night of herself sitting at her desk in a pink-themed office. "Get up dress up show up !" the 51-year-old reality TV personality captioned the photo, adding the hashtag "#cancerwillnotbeatme."

Carmen Bell: Beth I'm praying for you. I lost 3 sister's and 1 brother from cancer. All died a year and 1/2 apart. My brother died last and its been 10 years since he's been gone. I'm afraid to get tested cause I'm odds don't look good. I do have COPD but I refuse to see a lung Dr. I have 1 other sister who got cancer before any of my other siblings died and she had it in her lungs throat and colon but she lived. She's cancer free now for 11 years now. She says it was cause the chemotherapy that helped her. Since you know you have cancer id have it. Me? I'm scared to find out if I have it. If things don't work out for you by not having treatment. Don't lose your faith because it's not God's fault. keep your faith always. Wishing you the very best and God bless you. I love you!! your sister in Christ. Carmen

Buddy Allen: beth you look beautiful. keep the fight up.


Dora Fore: prayers going up

Darla Peters: I think you are great Beth. no matter what you are in control of you. May God Be With YOU. AMEN


User from KY - 24 days ago
I’m sorry for you loss. May God be with you.
User from FL - 26 days ago
She’s used Looks dirty
Lucy Negron - 26 days ago
Tami - 26 days ago
there's no words that I can say or even say I know what u r going thru, Just to say I'm sorry & an that I hope u find inner peace with everyone & everything. Prays r with u much love Tami K
User from OR - 27 days ago
Who gives a crap.
Martha E. Rodriguez - 27 days ago
GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, I will keep you in my prayers , and the LORD is the best DR.
Sheila D Reed - 27 days ago
I pray for our God to bless you.
Helen Guffey - 27 days ago
I cherish the pictures I have with Beth and myself at a bail convention in Vegas she’s a amazing women praying for her always
david meler - 27 days ago
hi Beth Chapman and dog Chapman you guys are the greatest thing that God created and there is one person that went vegan when he got cancer so maybe you should try to go vegan and everything vegan love you guys I've been watching your show since the day it began back when you were onA&E and I know you'll make it Beth because the good Lord has more plans for you also my mom she passed away of cancer to and me and my mom watched your show ever since you guys got started and now she's passed away my whole family's passed away and I'm the only one left and my name is David Miller and I live in Paso Robles California the good lord loves you so much Beth and Dog and your son and your daughters and the good Lord will take care of you Beth thank you again and take care and I know you're going to make it BETH.
Kati Mancuso - 27 days ago
Beth I hope somehow this message gets to you. hand delivered by God, I also have cancer, stage 4, I have 4 young children and I'm a single mother, not single like other women use the turn as in separated, I alone care for all 4 by myself, I believe whole heartedly that you are making THE RIGHT decision to not continue chemotherapy. I also stopped doing chemo almost 2 years ago, that is 2 years past the time the drs gave me to live, I know God is in the drivers seat and my life is in his hands, I believe he will keep me here to raise my children. chemotherapy is awful, I was inches within death while they dumped that poison into my body everyday, nobody that hasn't gone through chemotherapy should speak on going through it. we as women know our bodies and know that God doesn't want us to feel like that everyday. I stand with you in your choice, I stand with you in prayer that we both are healed in the name of Jesus. stay strong and when your weak remember God will carry you through.
Cindy Frederick - 27 days ago
If you people don't have anything positive today, clean up your own backyard before you start throwing trash around.
Chris Schmuck - 27 days ago
Linda Hays - 27 days ago
Girlfriend - 27 days ago
should have gotten Michael Douglass drs.
Girlfriend - 27 days ago
Is it because of papilloma virus.
Girlfriend - 27 days ago
She looked beautiful thinner not for the right reasons but more beautiful than ever. praying for her.
Debbie Reynolds - 28 days ago
cover up!
Kevin Johnson - 29 days ago
I thought she dead from 2nd hand smoky from the Doggies 3 pack a day habit??
Deborah L Opengo - 30 days ago
Such a strong and beautiful soul Prayers God is with you 🙏🙏
William Hunt - 30 days ago
cHeep hope alive Beth.
Lenora Moore - 06-20
I'm sending prayers your way Beth
jerry lemons - 06-20
Mrs. Chapman , check the Japanese study on apricot seed extract. God bless
Hecallsher San - 06-20
Wait wait wait.....do people really think Beth Chapman is reading comments section of PopCulture or News Break?? 😳
Kelly Semande - 06-19
Mr & Mrs Chapman in glad you have the faith of the great father. I believe in herb therapy. I mean the type what my ancestors used to help heal. you all are in my prayers God Bless
Stacy dash - 06-19
God bless bc she was so sick.
Jennifer Sue Normand - 06-19
you are a very strong women keep on keeping on 😊you and dog are one of my favorite love stories ever...you both have so much love n compassion may it come back ten fold and kick ur sicknesses health..I love it family ur all great people take care of you and stay that strong lady everyone knows u are..lots of love all ur ways and prayer I will pray for you I truly look up to you...
Mary Ebner - 06-19
Praying 🙏 for you every day Beth! You are inspirational as always and we want you around a lot longer! Stay strong!
User from AR - 06-19
I could care less about her this is not news
i ask 4 justice - 06-19
prayers for this woman no matter what we supposed to pay for everyone and everyone to be in prayer now this so many things are going on that cancer is taking so many people Lord have mercy over all of us and protect us
Penny Neal-Maxwell - 06-19
I truly hope that you beat this horrible 💔💔💔 disease Beth. my mom is a 27 year survivor of breast cancer! I am one of your true fans! May God bless you and heal you.praying for a complete healing! penny Ray