Joe Biden met a 13-year-old girl before a campaign event and told her brothers to 'keep the guys away from her'

Business Insider - 06-12


After meeting the 13-year-old granddaughter of an Iowa voter on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden turned to her brothers and said, "You've got one job here, keep the guys away from her."

User from FL: If I wouldn’t leave my 14 year old niece with him why would I leave my country in his hands?? Same goes for whole Communist Democrat Party. Trump 2020.

Pooh bear Pooh: Nuckle dragging caveman mentality of his has gotten to go!!!! Sit down slow joe before you hurt yourself!

James Smalley: need to keep dirty old men like you away from her

Mark Crum: and that pervert wants to be president my God America has went to hell in a handbasket

Donna Fisher: Well he is from the dark ages. We don't need him as president


Adrienne Jones Sorrells - 4 days ago
Creepy! He has a problem he really does.
DUCS - 5 days ago
he cant help it...its what pedos do...
Kevin Johnson - 5 days ago
Hes a touchy feely humper
Witch burner "
Libssuck Ass - 5 days ago
especially joe
Tizba - 5 days ago
Joe Biden earned his nickname Creepy Joe. BUT there is absolutely nothing wrong with that sentence. In fact, it was an appropriate thing for an adult to say. Anyone spinning it as more than it was, has a problem. It amazes me how little it takes to lead the masses off on any tangent via internet influencers. It's as if everyones under a spell and dont know why they agree, they just do and they'll hurt you if you don't agree with the mob. Even when reality (the truth) is blatantly obvious and pain free, the mob mentality wins...Zombies!
Samuel Artsari - 6 days ago
I dont like biden, but everyone in these comments knows that "keep the boys away from her" is something old folks have always said to brothers & dads. it just means that your sister/daughter is pretty.get over yourselves, biden isn't hitting on random children. its a figure of speech. attack his policy ideas, dont make shit up because you can't think of anything else.
Modine Gunch - 6 days ago
not yet, but sure would w a socialist Democrat as any kind of leader! THEN, wed be screwed.Destroyed as a nation. But at least until 2024. We have Presidet Trump and hes thre ONLY MAN. qualified to do the job! he has proven that time n time again!
Modine Gunch - 6 days ago
First of all, that's uncalled for and none of his business. Why would that even be on his mind at a campaign event? Why would he make it his business who or what her brothers do? Hes not her daddy. hes not her uncle. This man is a pedophile yall. has been for years. Hes creepy, hes disgusting and he makes even grown women uncomfortable to be around. They dread dealing w him. Hes a straight up pervert!
User from IL - 6 days ago
Why cause he wants her
Vicki DE LA O - 6 days ago
so what, I told my son the same thing.
User from SC - 6 days ago
Wonder if he sniffed her hair and armpits first?
User from FL - 7 days ago
Celine now looks like a scarecrow. What in the world is wrong?
Helen Castrillo - 7 days ago
somebody feels threaten by Biden over Trump for Prez that's what it is you can tell by all the HATERS!! where were her parents?? BIDEN 2020🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
rockridgefarms - 7 days ago
biden, bernie, and aoc.....the dems are way out in left field
Holly Irvin - 7 days ago
are you proud of creepy Joe Democrats?! 😂😂😂😂 he's your star!!!!!
Jim Green - 7 days ago
including him!!!!
Smedley Butler - 7 days ago
What a tool.
Barbara Martin - 7 days ago
How many more times is this story gonna be tweaked and adjusted to shade , had enough of this get to the real issues or kick rocks 👀
Brandon Crose - 7 days ago
Well the me too movement is just a fraudulent group who only against the republicans. They aren’t against the very people who really did these crimes that are in the same party. #shame
munchywowski Campbell - 7 days ago
so what seem to be the problem.Biden2020
Bobbie Coit - 7 days ago
he's a perv an a socialist
Rodney Calvin Morris - 8 days ago
pedophile in the white house and one wanting to be in the white house....can we find better candidates please
Kevin Bowser - 8 days ago
Your not going anywhere
FU LIBERALS - 8 days ago
Apparently he wanted her all to himself...Sick pedophile...
User from IL - 9 days ago
Sad that is the best the dems have to offer. Trump by a landslide.
Mike Ballard - 9 days ago
he just can't keep his creepy pedophile self contained
calvin Wagner - 9 days ago
calvin Wagner - 9 days ago
John T Cherwin - 9 days ago
good ol uncle Joe !!!