Wendy Williams on her 27-yr-old convict boyfriend: ‘I’m a 54-year-old grown ass woman’

celebitchy.com - 06-12


I’m wary of anyone who jumps into a relationship two seconds after they file for divorce, but in Wendy Williams’ case, I really just wish she would give herself some time. Wendy is divorcing Kevin Hunter, her husband of 20 years, after long-standing rumors of his emotional and physical abuse, abuse which may have included violent assaults and possibly poisoning. Hunter also had a child with his mistress of 15 years. It’s a mess. And I think it would have been smart for Wendy to just take a break, find her footing as a single woman, make sure that she’s good and make sure that her son is good. But instead of that, Wendy immediately jumped into a relationship with a much younger man: