Man, 18, 'secretly lived in the attic above a 14-year-old girl's bedroom and would visit her at night as her parents slept'

Daily Mail - 06-12


An 18-year-old Tennessee man has been arrested on a trespass charge after police say he was found living in an attic connected to a 14-year-old girl's bedroom without her mother's knowledge.

Tammy Taylor Huffman: 14 yr old girls today aren't like they were when I was 14.(I'm 50) Their more like 18 or older, it's scary! So I don't think this young man should shoulder all the blame. Like my grandma use to say, If it's rubbed in their face their not going to say, No! These little ho's need to take responsibility for their action and parents need to stop laying all the blame on the boys. Stop this statutory rape shit and ruining these boys lives and except the fact that your little girl's are ho's asking for it and giving it away!

Janet NewMan: The mother needs to realize that the man-child didn't get himself up into the attic alone. Her daughter had to have helped him- and she was willing for him to come down every night to do their thing. She set this up so no crying about him taking advantage of the girl- she must've been feeding him, too. He doesn't look under nourished or even dirty....I'm guessing there's no shower in the attic

Heather Cianflone: How does someone live in your attic for a long time period & you don't know it? Thinking the mother wasn't home much, maybe working mention of a dad in the picture to help with raising her...4 yrs age difference isn't as bad as it could be but sounds like this teen girl needs lots of guidance..


Sissy Sis: Ugh! He don't look 18! Damn!


Darlene Smith - 26 days ago
This guy looks 27.
User from WV - 27 days ago
An ENEMA must be applicable here.
Jared Dotson - 27 days ago
white folk CRAZZZYY
David Bodendoerfer - 28 days ago
Legal he needs to be served with a 30 day notice .
Brenda Jonesmaththis - 28 days ago
they should of keep him in jail
Erika AVI - 29 days ago
that rebellious, hot, sneaky kind of love........😅😆 N000! I mean..BAD....Yeah, he could've been killed if caught...Takes me back Ya'll .....🙈😻🙊
User from MN - 30 days ago
Creep put him under the jail
Cindy Anderson Cooper - 06-16
Ridiculous . He looks older cause most 18 year old guys cant grow a beard like that. My neighbor is married to his " victim " and now their life is so much harder cause he has to register. They have 4 kids and he cant even go on field trips . THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS.
Homer Osborne - 06-15
Homer Osborne - 06-15
Martin Woods - 06-15
To much knowledge way to much to be putting out ..Dont come to California.
Martin Woods - 06-15
To the pin we get what's comeing
Martin Woods - 06-15
Am with Overload
Martin Woods - 06-15
He's a man he knows the difference get some body his own age.If it was my kid I'd be kicking some butt.
Martin Woods - 06-15
W.T.F..... Is wrong with these people's...?
micha Hope - 06-15
wow they're were living their best lives
Mecca8383 - 06-15
So if he was just a few months younger(17 years old), then no one would say anything about him ....
The_Overlord - 06-15
If I see ANY man in my house that doesn't belong there and instead of leaving runs to my daughters room. He will be leaving in a body bag.
User from IA - 06-15
TG from SC - 06-14
Only four years apart he's not a grown man .
john. Holland - 06-14 have restraint period .and tell girs parents and they should act grown and shoulder tje respinsibility.of super gluing her.knees together
Thomas Edwards - 06-14
Ir wasn't no secret, the girl knew he was there... White kids and their bull shit is no diffrent then the bull shit white grown ups pull... and once caught try to claim they had no ideal...
David Sherman - 06-14
In Tennessee, oh well no surprise !
Yani14 - 06-14
I always say that an 18yr. old is not an adult yet, even though the law says they are. when I was 15 yrs old I felt in love with a 17yr.old and Even though he was almost 18yrs.old I think I was more matured than he was in some way... I'm not saying this is ok, but ppl needs to realise that they still in their teens and if we as an adult make mistakes what makes u think that an 18yr.old is going to think straight when it comes to stuff like this.. this girl knew what she was doing from the beginning and I bet she was the one that came with the whole idea of him staying in that attic.💁
Mike Ballard - 06-14
if he had been at my house that have been hauling off a dead corpse
juan-k sporty - 06-14
bad litle teen run away and now she sneaking man unto her room!!
HawaiianSzunZues Zu - 06-14
SMH... cant fabricate intelligence nor blame
Martha Wright - 06-14
he is fortunate the parents didn't introduce Him to their Smith and Wesson for an intruder harming their child.
Mike Grezmak - 06-14
Jonathan Spatafore - 06-14
mother lucky cus if. they lived here in dirty jersey they probably wouldnt have removed him from the residence claiming he had established it as his home and he looks 25 and i bet the daughter does also