Kate Middleton reveals the struggle she had with Princess Charlotte

Hello Magazine - 06-12


The Duchess of Cambridge is relatable in so many ways, and does everything she can to be as much of a hands-on mum as possible. And Kate revealed during her visit Cumbria in the Lake District on Tuesday that she had got her four-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte ready for nursery before she set off on the trip, but that there was something she had struggled with that morning. The royal had been admiring a little girl's hairstyle, and told her: "I love your plaits!" The mum-of-three then added: "I tried to do a plait on Charlotte this morning, and it didn't really work very well."


Jo Radze - 23 days ago
The boys DONT look very happy to be there!! The oldest looks like he's thinking why am I here!! I DONT blame him!!!! Leave the royal duties for when he's old enough to under stand what's going on!!!! He's just a little boy & DOENT UNDERSTAND ALL THAT ATTENTION!!!
User from WA - 24 days ago