Cop who tasered an 11-year-old shoplifter and suggested her theft is 'why there's no grocery stores in the black community' wins back pay after appealing his seven-day suspension

Daily Mail - 06-12


The Cincinnati cop who tasered an 11-year-old girl accused of shoplifting has won his arbitration case, meaning he will receive seven days' worth of back pay following his suspension.

La Doble M: She got exactly what she deserved. The officer was not wrong in stopping a shoplifter after numerous commands for her to stop and show a receipt. If it was my child, after getting a taser in the back, I would've open a can of whoop ass on top of it too. It's called lesson learned the hard way a d tough love. That's how today's delinquent kids prefer it anyway, the hard motherfuckin' way. Too bad for all of you who don't like my ways or comments.

Jon Squier: A crime is a crime does not matter who does it or how old they are or nationality it’s called lack of respect I’m 37 when I was growing up I was taught if a cop stopped me for doing wrong and I don’t obay there commands my father would shake there hand for doing what ever they did to me then I would get a asswhooping of a lifetime we live in a society that believes they can do as they please and whine at the consequences

Heather Cianflone: Was it racist or truthful? He knows the area... When you steal there are consequences. Where are her parents that she is stealing a backpack full of food? They are the ones who need an example made out of them! Punish them BOTH to fullest extent of the law...

User from DC: I wonder if this black cop tasered an 11 year old white girl.Would you still be praising him??? YOU all would be ready to hang him by the balls.

User from NY: She was hungry. For those who never been HUNGRY you can get a turn so don’t be so quick to judge.


September Davis - 26 days ago
Get that kid a brush. Wow that’s some tangled hair
Malika Hill - 26 days ago
the punishment was severe and unnecessary!! should have been handled in different way.
Juan Quinones - 26 days ago
if he would of killed her,he didnt know her medical condition he would be toast
Juan Quinones - 26 days ago
Dont play race card if she was lilly white he would be hung
Juan Quinones - 26 days ago
you taze my 7 year old and who ever it is will not see morning
Lewis Linzy - 26 days ago
This incident may save her life later on if she learns the lesson not to steal. Next time, if there is one, it may be a bullet!
Josh B - 26 days ago
hell yeah... you cant run from a fat cop and not expect to get tazed. little thug shouldn't be stealing.
DANgerus 1399 - 26 days ago
how is a 55 year old man supposed to run down and catch a 11 year old? and then if he did catch her you'd say it was brutality for one reason or the other. Can we please for once lay the blame on the criminals. if she would have stopped when he told her to then she would have been in trouble but not tazzred. play and pay. I'd really like to know what kind of food was in the bag.
User from TX - 27 days ago
Can’t blacks get a job and support their families or does everyone else always have to pick up the tab. Shoplifting raises costs for everyone.
Lisa McDonald - 27 days ago
first of all I think tazing an 11 year old is unacceptable! there are other ways of dealing with shoplifting in children. you could have given her a ride to jail and had her parents pick her up and come up with a solution. And some of your comments are ridiculous if you don't Know the family so just because a family is poor doesn't mean they don't have values. in a nutshell children mess up.
Mr Militant - 27 days ago
Say what you want but trust me had this been a white girl the outcome would have been totally different
Mael Hartz - 27 days ago
Although his comments are true he shouldn't have said thAt to her lol... yes I'm black and its true that's why shopping places aren't in black communities.
DC Stuck - 27 days ago
it's good thing that it wasn't a white cop, like that BLK cop that shot that white woman who was a victim calling 911 for help! he got 12 years in prison but the story was squashed! no riots , no protests organized it's all kept quiet!
DC Stuck - 27 days ago
It's the nieghberhoods fault. Kids will push the line and do this kind of theft! It takes a village to guide and raise kids, most especially when they get to preteen and up! Parents can't watch em when thier out in the hood hanging at friends! All parents can do is lead by example and teach their kids to be conscientious in their dicesion making! If the parents are gang members and or dope heads stealing and promoting racism and theft with ideaology that if you have it and I hey want it then they'll take it! then what that cop said about having stores in blk nieghberhoods is true! like KFC not having a buffet in BLK nieghberhoods, because they will bring oversized perses and fill them up, calling racism when caught!
Scott Odell - 27 days ago
for one thing he was off duty and if she was only 10 ft away from him why didnt his fat ass just take a couple quick steps and grab her. that taser could kill a child i really dont believe a taser should be used on children.. Period.. if they cant handle a child without using that kinda force or even have to call backup so theres even more people to bring her down then they either need to get more training or not uphold the law at all.. And to that fat little cop!!Leave the dougnuts alone....
Anono Mon - 27 days ago
Good point
I'm just saying - 27 days ago
Did some of you read the article NO, some of these comments are so far off base. 1) He first saw her trying to get out of a locked entrance, he didn't try to stop her then, radio other employees/managers to cut her off (he knew she was headed towards to door) 2) She was just 10ft. in front of him when he tased her. Why didn't he walk faster or run to stop her? Because he's a little over weight maybe3) As for her reason she told you if you took time to read the article SHE WAS DARED BY HER FRIENDS.With all that being said no stealing is not condoned but try reading before making assumptions of why she did it or passing judgement on her parent(s) and as any other parent(s) you would be upset too if it were your child no matter if your child(s) were rite or wrong
I'm just saying - 27 days ago
who said the mom didn't have a job, guess you didn't read the article you're just feeding off other comments. The little girl said her friends dared her. SMDH
I'm just saying - 27 days ago
Heather why does it have to be that the mother doesn't know the father or the parents or this parents that. Guess you were never young you and any other person who are now adults has forgotten once you get out of your parent(s) site you become a total different person. Stop trying to act as though you're holier than thou or if you have children they never did ANY wrong, in case you say they haven't or you haven't it's probably because you or they just haven't gotten caught yet.
Shirley Dyson - 27 days ago
well first of all. no 11 yo wg gona be shopping by herself in a black community grocery store.
Kathleen Heinze - 27 days ago
No matter if she was scared, the officer told her to stop.
Kris Thornton - 27 days ago
parent taught. Oh well don't steal and you won't see the consequences.
WilliamMarx - 27 days ago
Stealing is a crime, yes. The child's parent was frankly aware of that. However, we do not TASER an eleven year old child because she did not obey the commands of an officer off duty, not in uniform, and unidentified as a peace officer. Such conduct is barbaric and disgraceful. From what is written here; the child had no way of knowing that this person was a police officer, or that he had possession of weapons employed by police officers. This man's conduct is inexcusable. He does not belong in a position of any security position; much less law enforcement. There are more civilized ways of teaching children a lesson in honesty and deterring petty theft.
Tracy Stanford - 27 days ago
I'm sorry! But stealing is a crime! Let that be a lesson to everyone! And the cop looks black himself and he speaks the truth about no grocery stores in the black communities! Several businesses here have closed due to employee theft. Shame!
User from MO - 27 days ago
No excuse to steal, get welfare and food stamps, do not teach them to steal
teresa atherton - 27 days ago
these kids think they don't need punishment for what they do breaking the law.. they need some capital punishment
User from NY - 27 days ago
Everybody goes and run they mouth And don’t know the real deal about the situation no something about the girl is Is her parents on crack She mite of,didn’t have no other choice did anybody talk to her about it did anybody tried to P but the
Francine Hughes - 27 days ago
So I see every comment is for this cops actions but how it went down is only on what he says not evidence from his body cam which he turned on after he tased her. So what all did she steal? And why is he getting back pay if he violated 3 police policies.
User from TX - 28 days ago
Another fine example of how niggers destroy it for everybody. The cop is right that’s why they don’t or can’t have grocery stores is because of thefts. In a black neighborhood ya can’t have anything they will destroy it all and still ya blind. It’s a proven fact. Niggers are the only ones who don’t believe it. But all they have to do is, look around their neighborhood and they will see it, just have to believe it.
Janet Tedford - 28 days ago