Mother of five kids murdered by their father asks court to spare his life

NBC News - 06-12


A South Carolina woman whose five young children were brutally murdered by their father asked a jury not to sentence her ex-husband to death. The stunning request comes as the latest unexpected twist to one of the most horrific murder cases in the state’s history.

William Henderson: DON'T show him any mercy, leave that up to God.Put him to death and out of his misery.Capital punishment is biblical in Romans 13: 1-7 🕵💩👎👎👎👎🤔🙏

User from MA: Very merciful of her, but jury has the last word and I say fry him or worse! He had the nerve to plead not guilty by insanity! Damnit insane or not if I killed my kids brutally and then claimed I was insane at the time I would never forgive myself! Plead guilty!

Michelle Rubin: I'm thinking he cut that viscous cycle his family's black cloud they've been living under for decades, now its his turn to meet his maker for eternity SATAN

Charlene Record Raynor: He dooesn't deserve to breathe another breath of air!

Denise Satonick: obviously he still has some "hold" over her...


Francine Hughes - 06-14
Child of the King - 06-13
I say turn him loose in room filled with convicts that hate people who harm children, let them take care of him! I bet they can come up with some ways to make him suffer!
Lisa Rudnick - 06-13
this makes me sick
Kerry M - 06-13
She left their kids with him awhen she should have been there to be a mom and help. She just ran off from her responsibility and now her kids are gone. I blame her as well!
User from CA - 06-13
Eye for eye, show no mercy on the SOB
User from CA - 06-13
Burn N L
Vittoria - 06-13
Get that woman so shock therapy. she must be having a seizure!!
Margaret Mccoy - 06-13
spare him mercy and then what ??
User from TX - 06-12
Are you kidding
Carol Proctor - 06-12
What a sick woman
Cvr SLP - 06-12
judge him ZHARD and rid him of this world. we'll be alrite.
Jackie Barber - 06-12
she chose to stay and expose those kids to that monster he is not crazy. I believe you just don't kill all your kids I think he was abusive and it took a realy bad turn and the mother stayed a keeping those kids in danger knowing he was violent she should be charged and thrown in jail for failing to protect those kids. question was child welfare ever involved?if so they should have taken them out of that house
David Moore - 06-12
he deserves to reap what he sowed
Alfred Bonnabel - 06-12
She gave up custody because he earned more money than she did? How about spousal & child support? He 'loved' the children and was a good Father to them? She is DELUSIONAL and should be sentenced too. There are ALWAYS signs along the way. She refused to see them.
Thewicked 1 - 06-12
she was most likely in on it. if somebody killed my kids, they'd be dead no matter what. no mercy or anything
SalvadorJR - 06-12
The ex-wife and Jones should both should be given the death penalty.They could have given those children to couples that they couldn't have any children NOT killing them.WE THE PEOPLES COURT SENTENCE JONES AND HIS EX-WIFE TO CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.
Deanna Clark - 06-12
the mother shouldn't have any say she wanted her new man not her children her x could pay alot of child support so that's bull about he made more an that's why she gave him the children god knows the truth
samantha rogers - 06-12
dont spare life period hey if u take a life then ur life should be taken away to no sympathy here u deserve what u dish out
Lisa Muiser-Bane - 06-12
If he controlled her with religion why would you want your kids heading down the same path with him?!? WHY give him custody she would've got child support from him if he had a good paying job, sure she'd have to find work but he would've had to help pay for things. He doesn't deserve to breath, insanity or not. This shouldn't even be a question.
james smith - 06-12
life in solitaire confinement would be better than the easy out 'death' he will suffer more for longer
Steve Borsher - 06-12
what's the point of keeping him alive: rehabilitation? maybe he can teach computer skills in prison, so other convicts can hack their way out.
Debbie Squires - 06-12
hope he goes downto bad they don't take the crazy momwith himneither one of them deserves the right to livethoses poor babies didn't deserve thisthey were so innocent
Devora Jacobs - 06-12
He must face the penalty for his crimes. She abandoned her children to this man who murdered them & again she abandons them by denying them justice in seeking mercy for him. I'm sure these children's love for their father ended as he was murdering them & they wouldn't want him to have mercy at all. The judge needs to order her to receive counseling right away because she still loves a violent abusive murderer.
Jaryn McSwain - 06-12
I say the death penalty is too easy! life in prison!
Georgie Noriega - 06-12
that lady is crazy, for what he did to his own children F NO, put him down.
Who is it?••• - - 06-12
The door to Heaven and the door to Hell are adjacent to each other and identical, could our planet be another world's Hell 😶😑••• -
Donnell Washington - 06-12
He'll Probably Get Probation The Judge Has Her Back.
Lisa Filla - 06-12
I think the wife was in on it no mother in their right mind would be so forgiving of a person taking their five children.
Lena Maynor - 06-12