Shaquille O'Neal Claims Ex-Wife Shaunie Is 'Mine' After PDA-Filled Outing - Back Together?

AceShowbiz - 06-11


Joining the 'Basketball Wives' star for a family dinner in Beverly Hills, the NBA Hall of Famer is photographed giving his ex-wife a bear hug outside Mastro's Restaurant. AceShowbiz - Are Shaquille O'Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie trying to give their failed relationship another chance? Reconciliation rumors between the exes have been swirling after the former basketball player was photographed getting playfully cozy with the "Basketball Wives" star during a family dinner at Mastro's Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Blessed To Be Living: I hope they can work it out....God Bless 🙏

last chance: You should never go backwards.

Dan Zerimar: he's going to give her all the STDs known in the world

Emma Sims: where is the General when Shaq needs him S O S

Kim Snipes: Truly. Who cares?


edward athanasaw - 9 days ago
she's looks as manly as he does lol
User from TN - 9 days ago
Get her back big dawg
Janice Barnette - 11 days ago
Dats alright Amen 🙏🏽
sweet me - 15 days ago
Thats dating/together right there. That hug and smile is more than co-parenting. We all know that
MAC ROD - 18 days ago
Crystal Meth - 24 days ago
They have children together of course they're going to be cordial with each other. They've both moved on she's dating someone else and so is he.
Cocoa Renay - 26 days ago
Richard Ruggio - 29 days ago
What happened to hoops from flavor of love?Lol
Ethel Jones - 29 days ago
I'm happy they're back together, she's the love of his life. But he did her so wrong, but I really believe he loves her more than the first time. You see he realizes that he was with the love of his life all the time, sometime you don't realize what you had until you lost it, and there no one better AND she didn't deserve the HELL you put her through. I believe he learned his lesson the hard way. You see for her it isn't about the MONEY, she loved him for him. I think he realized he couldn't trust the rest of them. You see MONEY isn't everything, when his son got sick, you can see how much the two of them love their CHILDREN and each other. Thank GOD they had each other to lean on and that's real love have it. But don't blow it, most PEOPLE don't get a second chance to turn back the hands of time.
last chance - 30 days ago
You should never go backwards.
Samuel Davis - 30 days ago
It ain't happening that ship has sailed. He's rich but he such a mountain of a man that he overshadows most women. Being would shaq would be like seeing one of those freaks at the state fair.
Lee Doctor - 06-16
I hope is a chance but at the end of the day there's always some negatives looking backwards
Charmaine Ritzie - 06-15
Lakeitha ALLEN-DIXON - 06-15
just saying if u not ready to live that life don't
Richard McNeal - 06-15
Rose Mahan - 06-14
Nothing wrong with that. It will be a Blessing to see them back together again. God Bless. Their relationship. has a whole history. Prayers will makes it work.
Sheila Hunt - 06-14
How many kids they have??? A whole basketball like that old easy chair comfortable
Dorothy James - 06-14
That's right shacky all yours big daddy
Tamara Williams - 06-13
Blessings to you both.
Jerome Tobe - 06-13
get that again Shaq
Kim Snipes - 06-13
Truly. Who cares?
Kim Snipes - 06-13
Ha. She wants his $$$.
Samuel Shaw - 06-13
...And she always will be your's Shaq
Kuntz Smith - 06-13
get yo'r girl back!! SHAQ. 😀
Dianne Dotie - 06-13
At least they gave it a try so if it diden work after 5 years they did get five beautiful childrens our of it some marriage work some marriage dont some peoples break up some peoples get back together its happen everyday around d world
Cleopetraantony Carrillo - 06-13
that be nice they get back together..
Charles Wilson - 06-13
I thought shaq was with some little Peruvian looking chick🤔
User from AZ - 06-13
Yes looks great but l
User from AZ - 06-13
User from AZ - 06-13