Married paedophile, 66, paid mother £25 to watch her 10 and 15-year-old daughters being abused online in the Philippines

Daily Mail - 06-10


A 66-year-old paedophile who paid a mother £25 to watch her two young daughters being abused online has been jailed. Nigel Birch, sent the money to the woman in the Philippines so her girls, aged 10 and 15, would be abused by their male cousins, aged 12 and 15.

Last Chance: @ Nope: He looks like another candidate for a Hot needle or a sturdy rope.

Nope: He looks like something straight out of a nightmare... My God...😟😳

SexyMan: if someone is paying you to watch your kids, something is wrong

venom striker: sick man

Lenny Jones: Filthy ANIMAL


Alice Scheck - 30 days ago
this is a sickness that is horrible. what kind of mother would be. involved in something like this.
Susie Turner Weidler - 30 days ago
sick sob...
User from CA - 30 days ago
Why are there so many stories like this one! I would love to have all of these sob's in a room and tell God to forgive me for what I'm about to
Shirley Mccall - 30 days ago
NO NAME for him!!! Justice day will be soon...
coolio - 30 days ago
total shitbird
Killo Serafin - 30 days ago
Sick MF !
User from CA - 30 days ago
Burn slow muthafuxxa
User from MS - 30 days ago
Sooo the mother gets nothing?? If he was sending her money she most definitely was aware.
Tara Blue - 06-19
The mom carries no accountability for selling her daughters?😡
User from CA - 06-19
NC wife & mom - 06-18
peoples minds are so corrupted by the evil that everyone wants to say is make believe! truly a battle worldwide!
Kevin Johnson - 06-18
Sup Sup ti ti...Subic City...Magsaysay special
Marie Brown - 06-18
he looks like unkept trash can you imagine what his mindset is looking like that the devil straight up devil I'm just saying
User from TX - 06-17
I’ll get the wood chipper ready.
Renee Johnson - 06-17
The Chromo Needs Some Botox Ejection To Aleviate The Puffiness Around the Eyes.
Frank Michaud - 06-17
I bet the mom abused the boys and showed them what they are to be doing to the girls
Diana Rubio - 06-17
this is so wrong four people should be in jail now the 2 abuser and and the mom as the man but for me the mom should spent the rest of her life in jail she let it happend and even make money with the abuse maybe she planed it all,she was the master mind in this crime however you see it is a crime as a minimum 15 years in jail
Jeff from CO - 06-17
he didn't touch any kid. the mother should be arrested for child abuse.
Roxanne Bruce - 06-16
Jacquelin Jones - 06-16
where is a guillotine and public square when u need it.
User from KY - 06-16
Freak! You can look at him and tell!!
Anna Bosza - 06-16
Feed him to the lions at the zoo
User from SC - 06-16
Well he was watching what they always did to each other .. or they was pretending .. for the 💰
User from IL - 06-16
Crazy eyes he is a democrat. Looks like Shiff , Cortez , and Manson ,
Kathleen Birch - 06-16
the eyes are the window to the soul... take a good look at this man, that is evil.
User from SC - 06-16
But WHY are they ever released? The one kind of criminal most professionals say is not amenable to treatment.
C Skulls - 06-16
Prison for life- since he didnt ACTUALLY touch a child YET, prison because surely he WILL
William Henderson - 06-16
" The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all else who can know it" Jeremiah 17:9 ✝ " For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23. " The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus in Christ Jesus our Lord" Romans 6:23. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🏃🤔🕵☝👏 God bless the hearers and doers of His Word...... But in this guys case let justice happen what the courts decide.🕵🤔
Lenny Jones - 06-16
SexyMan - 06-16
if someone is paying you to watch your kids, something is wrong