Reese Witherspoon’s Look-Alike Daughter Has a Boyfriend & He Looks Just Like Ryan Phillippe

SheKnows - 06-10


There are many perks to being the child of a celebrity (we imagine). But the downside is having your private life open to the scrutiny of your parents’ fans, as Ava Phillippe may have just realized. Yesterday, fans decided that Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava’s boyfriend is Ryan Phillippe’s look-alike, commenting on Ava’s Instagrams of her date night about how much the couple reminded them of a young Reese and Ryan. 19-year-old Ava probably doesn’t love hearing that her boyfriend is a dead ringer for dad Ryan Phillippe, but after taking a look at these pictures, we have to say we see the resemblance.

Angela Faith Ingram: No he don’t

User from TX: Poor little thing


The Dragon Soul - 06-13
she doesn't look like her mom.....her chin ain't small enough
SunnysidePatriot - 06-11
No he doesn't. Poor journalism
User from GA - 06-11
Nopey! Not at all!!
User from TX - 06-10
Poor little thing
Angela Faith Ingram - 06-10
No he don’t