Sara Gilbert's Wife Linda Perry 'Couldn't Be More Proud' After Star's Exit From 'The Talk'

Popculture - 06-10


Sara Gilbert's wife, musician Linda Perry, said she "couldn't be more proud" of The Conners star as she walks away from the CBS daytime talk show The Talk. “She’s such a talented artist. She’s had a lot of incredible ideas that, for whatever reason, people weren’t jumping,” the former 4 Non Blondes singer told Us Weekly at the 18th annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at Brentwood County Estates in Los Angeles.

Beth Barnabas: Lol Sara Gilbert is not creative she just hijacked the Roseanne show

Miki: She stabbed Roseanne in the back. Ungrateful

Cj yo: That's not her wife. Only men and women are considered marriage material.

Twills: Everywhere is freaks and hairys, dikes and fairies...tell me where is sanity?

ELECTRIC 9: fkktards!😖😖🤧.


Denise Teehan Rothwell - 7 days ago
Who cares
Peter O Bob - 8 days ago
freakin gross, her kids will be screwed up mentally .
Ricky Long - 9 days ago
Elizabeth Downey - 12 days ago
u aren't married Sarah...u r shacking up. marriage is between one man n one woman...period!
Kat Har - 15 days ago
Ron Palmer - 17 days ago
and also its time u people leave America alone i have to live on 700 dollars a week after working over 40 years
Ron Palmer - 17 days ago
well as for me and mine obama was the worst criminal president in the history of America he gave 156 trillion plus of tax payers money to foreigners and communists witch that is also what he is ge crippled our military to the point where America could not defend itself as far as im concerned roseann had it right and im a god firing man and do not approve of gay marriage
Christine White - 18 days ago
hate what she did to rosanne bar.we wont miss her.
Kevin Johnson - 19 days ago
Carpet Munchers
SHERRI TURNER - 19 days ago
She looks dirty, she needs a bar of soap and some shampoo. Yuck
Homer Osborne - 19 days ago
Francis Davison - 20 days ago
that is so wrong it is against GOD He, didn't, make you that way .you need the lord.
Pippa the Wonderturd - 21 days ago
How is she a "star"? She was in the cast of one sitcom and a talker for bored housewives and welfare recipients?
Erika AVI - 23 days ago
well I like these 2 ladies. Linda is a musical genius and who doesn't like Darlene?? their lifestyle is between them & God. sheesh some of the comments 😳😒
Valarie Arms - 23 days ago
its her life .
Brenda Higgins - 23 days ago
The show is going to be cxled she just left sinking ship.
reynaldo flores - 23 days ago
Maria Molinaroli - 23 days ago
you go girl 💛
Christine Edwards Wylie - 24 days ago
who cares
User from MI - 24 days ago
Hang in there Beth sending prayers for you and your family
Kenneth Wilson - 25 days ago
they remind me of the D&M Trump.
Slapaho Injun - 25 days ago
Silly fahgets, dix R 4 chix
User from TN - 25 days ago
Those are 2 of the ugliest dikes I have ever seen.
Violet Bopp - 26 days ago
She is not what she thinks she is in my world...
Sharon Seals - 27 days ago
Sick individuals
Gary Hoffman - 28 days ago
I didn't know Keith Richards was dating. GLBT Freak Show. Gilbert is lucky cause her whole career has been made for her by the ABC Lesbian Mafia.
Lynn Davis - 29 days ago
Why don't you both go to hell as much as i care
User from TN - 29 days ago
User from TN - 29 days ago
They look like sisters
User from MD - 29 days ago
ugh i'm not doing this