Mum 'tortured three kids and pulled their TOENAILS out to impress new boyfriend'

mirror - 06-08


A mum has been arrested over claims she tortured and abused her three young children - pulling one of their toenails out - in order to impress her new boyfriend. Mexican media report that Jennifer Marisol, 26, allegedly carried out the acts on request of her boyfriend as a ‘gesture of love’.

Edward D. Taormina: Yet another reason to cut ties with Mexico and build the wall.

Os Pe: do the same to her see how she likes it please

Mr. Stranger: How about pulling out their toenails and teeth with no anesthesia. I think that's fair.

Roxanne Bruce: what the hell is going on

Whenpigsfly: The world gone MAD!!!!


Karen Kasey - 9 days ago
We do not need diversity in the first place. All its doing is bankrupting America. I wish people would stay out of bed with them and realize it.
Marylou Saporito - 10 days ago
the world has gone nuts,what is wrong with some people. I just don't get it .
User from SC - 12 days ago
Why don’t we pull her toe nails out? ANIMAL
Romie Garcia - 12 days ago
Pinche veja descarada.Que neveo..Halate Las mente de pera........
Tracy Lynn - 12 days ago
You really think those Mexicans are Trump supporters? You're not very bright, are you?
Dee Zerimary - 12 days ago
and they want to come to America
lee kent - 12 days ago
Peaceful DACA immigrant?
Dee Fuller - 12 days ago
What a really diabolical
Leah Morgan - 12 days ago
I believe the father. No one gets their children counseling unless there has been serious abuse. And men rarely get custody unless an investigation was done. I think too often good father’s are denied access to their own children. Grandparents to. And who brings a stranger into a home where children are? Weird. Women please put your babies first.
makaveli 420 - 12 days ago
Fake News
local man - 13 days ago
Absolutely evil! She will have to face her maker one day! I would hate to be her!
TS Texas - 13 days ago
How about I nail all ten toes to the floor? WTF!!!!😵😵😵How can any one be so EVIL!!!
Shirley Hutto - 13 days ago
hang 'er by HER toenails
Carol Royer - 14 days ago
What a sick person to do that any child!!!!
User from VA - 14 days ago
I just want to 🤢 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Rosie Brandt - 14 days ago
wow mast be her boyfriend 😍👌 enjoyed her moving her kids toes 😂
Garman Wold - 15 days ago
John Bradley Heck - 15 days ago
Wow, and I thought the only violent & psychotic angry women were here in America !
Star Morales - 16 days ago
She needs to be totured just as bad as she did to the kids
Nacoma Dobson - 17 days ago
This isn’t about damn politics it’s about a innocent child,people always have to throw race and politics around like that’s gonna help someone else ego instead of sticking to the matter of what this is about. All races all political people do these awful things and sit in church on damn Sunday like long as they in church someone is gonna pat em on the back and pray they get away with it
User from TX - 17 days ago
I’ll get the wood chipper ready
Ellen Grant - 17 days ago
rip her pice by pice.
Domini Censner - 17 days ago
you people make me sick you lost sight of what this whole story was about three children being tortured so that their mom's boyfriend could be impressed and you guys turned into a racial thing it don't matter what side of the fence you're on we are all human and no child should have to go through that kind of torture
Mr. Stranger - 17 days ago
How about pulling out their toenails and teeth with no anesthesia. I think that's fair.
Pamela Graham - 17 days ago
Jeff Martin - 17 days ago
the Lord will be coming very soon, any time to punish these non believers...
Anita Miller-Morley - 18 days ago
Have you read lately the stuff Americans are doing to their children it is sickening. Abusing their children, killing them, torturing them. What the hell is going on in the world. People leaving children in hot cars, selling them and killing them over nonsense. WHY
Jimmy Conner - 18 days ago
Your an animal
User from VA - 18 days ago
Lock her & him up
Os Pe - 19 days ago
do the same to her see how she likes it please