House of horrors mom on trial for murder LAUGHED as she told investigators she 'didn’t even think' of her dead babies after the remains of three were found inside her rat and maggot infested home

Daily Mail - 06-07


The Massachusetts mother charged with murder after the bodies of two infants and a fetus were found inside her rat-infested home laughed as she told investigators how she 'didn’t even think' of her dead babies.

Forever Anonymous: If this isn't a case for sterilization of both adults, nothing is.

Linda E: Those poor children. Just disgusting. I hope the older children have a new chance of a real life now. God bless those children.

Pat Vaughn Heistand: laws need to be made concerning mentality ill people like this, something isn't right with our justice system that makes it ok for people to live in squalor conditions all around our country!!! these people are sick and they shouldn't be raising children under squalor conditions. it should be against the law. why isn't social services coming down on people like that? yet will gladly harass a non dirty clean person for just disciplining their children? something is so wrong their.

Jo Radze: I hope she goes to he'll!!!!

Melissa Fulwood: lock her up and never let her out


Duval Wiggins - 3 days ago
she was know what she was going
Brenda Jonesmaththis - 06-18
they both needs to go to prison
Carlos P. Jr - 06-16
Who in God's name impregnated this woman over and over and over again? She's filthy and disgusting. RIP Little Angel's 💒
Lisa Rogers - 06-16
crazy lady
User from TN - 06-13
Such a sick woman.Please lock her up and never set her free
Pam Jones - 06-12
So many remarks about the woman not enough about the man. He lived that way too. Come on now. Maggots, He was as filthy. Why didn't the neighbors make sure CPS checked it out? Okla. checks out stuff that is ridiculous, that wouldn't go here. Not that other stuff doesn't.
Deborah Dotson - 06-12
So true....j
Amy Vanasen - 06-12
some people should no be able to reproduce wow poor kids what the hell some n else must be rong with her because i worked with handicap and most are good people i like them better than reg people ya they have there moments but for the most part there cool as long as ur cool to them but this bitch is trip n hard on some bull shit for real wtf bath salt any one
Shan - 06-12
What !! If she has a mental condition why in the hell wasnt she fixed by her own mother and father to prevent her from ever becoming a mother, or why didn’t her doctor urge her to be put on meds and get fixed. She is a nasty person, that doesn’t need children and evidently didn’t want them
CatLady CatLady - 06-12
Another one to pay for!
User from TX - 06-11
Now here is a woman who should have been aborted.
Kimikim Inurface - 06-11
not only is this woman a horrible parent , she is a vile creature whim doesn't deserve the air she breaths ..
Lynda Lanier - 06-11
You really should go to jail forever, after you get your uterus removed...
User from FL - 06-10
Give her the electric chair
mens indignation - 06-10
some people shouldn't be allowed to breath the same air as others
Teisha Burke - 06-10
there are alot of mentally ill people and they all dont kill their babies. mental illness is no excuse
Teisha Burke - 06-10
sign of timesi can't beleave the people that are killing babies WHY. if the law would start doing ti the parents or who ever if they would do to them as they did to the babies maybe it may help but when your a coward weak and waist of air why would you care. GOD BLESS THESE AND ALL THE HELPLESS BABIES I PRAY IT ALL STOPS
donster d - 06-10
right here is a POSTER CHILD for LEGIT mentally ill. not the lifer people that go around acting crazy for a check and having kid after kid for one while they live off the government for generations. .......
Jenny Jenny Pelaez - 06-10
this is just disgusting how can any one live in such filth let alone have a boyfriend wat a shame,poor babies I cherish the 2 I have
Lee Squirrel - 06-10
Shortest verse in the bible..."Jesus wept."
User from Mars - 06-10
There is a very special spot in hell all set and ready for her.
Richard Confer - 06-10
Vanessa Garcia - 06-10
IT....She called her kid IT! Mental illness? Probably just trying to be put in a mental institution instead of prision. This is just a sad situation. SMH
Keith - 06-10
Life is hard for some female mammals.
Dana Robinson - 06-10
Dana Robinson - 06-10
Every time I push The N for News Break rhis is were its takng me, HELP0.
Corn Bread - 06-10
probably a democrap
Desiree Marie Bernert - 06-09
shes not even mentally there at disconnect...oh those poor babies & her children....God bless the kids...she needs prison & a damn good shrink...very frightening...very..she has no conscience..none...these are the people that we have to watch out for...
Reinier Schipper - 06-09
she needs to be sterilized !!! an lobotomy
RHKSC - 06-09
Easy fix, tall tree., short rope