Nurses Are Fired On The Spot After Video Of Their Actions Towards Newborn Leak To The Public

JumbleJoy - 06-07


We have huge respect for nurses because of their passion for helping others at times that we are weak and ill. They play a very important role in a patients’ life. When a mom gives birth, the baby is then handed to the nurse who will take care of the newborn. Parents expect for them to be cared for and to be handled with love.

Pamela Davis: she better be glad as hell that, that was not my baby...

User from CA: As a nurse I am embarrassed and appalled!!

Marie Murray: see now thats why i did not allow them to take my baby out my room. if i had to eat shower or sleep a family member was there. i would have lost all common sense if that were my child having thier fragile little head squeezed for sick amusement.

Linda Hunton: I am a nurse and worked maternity for years and would never think of doing that to a newborn you love them like their your own . shame on them. they need to be prosecuted for what they did and never to be able to take care of anyone. How could her co workers allow that to happen? they are just as bad. what a disgrace to the nursing profession.

Ashley Jeffords: I agree how can u do that to a baby shame on u


Antonia Serrano - 28 days ago
she is black and the baby is white why that hate!!!
Laurel Vance - 28 days ago
I would be irate. so unprofessional and disrespectful. Nurses should be compassionate and nurturing with ALL their patience no matter their age.
User from TN - 29 days ago
I’m glad they were caught and fired.
Susan McCleave - 29 days ago
how do ya'll think these young a** nurses act here in America? With the elderly, turn your back and they be putting pillows over your mom, grandparents, faces just for laughs. or stealing their medicine YES! leave them in the bathroom for hours!
Yolanda Jones - 29 days ago
I know violence will never solve not 1 thing but just give me a few minutes with they behinds and I guarantee you the new born babies parents will thank me overall it's sad Jesus throw the jail key away on them those babies were helpless and in the hands of nurses that didnt care or had passion for their jobs😞
Karen Dodson - 29 days ago
!!!!#@$*&√%!!!!÷∆/¶¥!!!! My Apologies I mean no Dis-Respect to those who do not approve of "Potty Mouth" words ...I pray that these nurses understand what they did to a helpless Newborn who should have been "PROTECTED" And "CARED FOR" To be treated like these babies where there own !!!!
Jessica Payne - 29 days ago
my lord 🤨
Pamela Ottwell - 29 days ago
OMG they need some jail time sick women!!!
User from NJ - 29 days ago
The need jail time
Lisa jumbiegirl - 29 days ago
stone them
Olderiron - 29 days ago
What ???????? Really this happened
penincali - 29 days ago
I thought this was the place for comments about Drew Barrymore being on the Johnny Carson show, why are people commenting about the other article of the nurses who were squishing the baby's face?
exflaca - 29 days ago
Damn craziest!😡
Nicole Penn - 29 days ago
I said the same thing.If I was there and saw her do that to a would be a problem.I would take pictures on my cell.and get the baby back to safety and call the police and first tell the boss who I work with this.I saw this and really hurt me.this worker had the nerve and need to spend time in prison.
Len White - 29 days ago
They won't go to jail. They won't even get fired. evil people
Viola Radford - 29 days ago
need to be put in jail for life time
Kris Thornton - 29 days ago
WTF is wrong with people....? hopefully they didnt breed.
60 and Sexy - 29 days ago
Dawna Mcfalls - 29 days ago
this is the cruelest thing I've ever seen! the nurses need to be punished to the Fullest extent of the law.
Bruce Anderson - 29 days ago
all professions have humans and that means there will be ASSHOLES! it's never ok to use a child just to get laughs
Denise calhoun - 29 days ago
OMG, what in the hell is wrong with people. That nurse should be in JAIL period.
Mari Somers - 29 days ago
It's animal's like that , need life in prison sure it wasn't first time.These nurses should also get lawsuit from babies parents.
Laura Anderson - 29 days ago
They are trying to say that Both of them (the nurses) deserve to get the death penalty or be tortured by the baby's mother and see how they like it. Did you have to be so rude to Helen? Maybe English isn't her first language, maybe she has an illness that affects her intelligence. But regardless of the reason, it only took me about 3 seconds to understand what she was saying.
Janie Baragona Lewis - 29 days ago
as a nurse I would never treat anyone let alone a baby that way!
Debbie Flaherty - 29 days ago
Sad. Because we depend on these nurses to care for our treasures
SexyMan - 30 days ago
that's uncalled for.
User from NJ - 30 days ago
I would of beat there asses I don’t care wat color they are doing that too a hopeless little angel !!! I don’t understand why with the abuse in children leave the children alone give them time to grow & stop taking there child hood away
User from TX - 30 days ago
See the color of their skin. That’s a dead giveaway for trouble.