Newborn baby brutally beaten, killed in mom's arms

CBS Austin - 06-07


MILWAUKEE — Police in Milwaukee say a two-month-old child was killed in a brutal domestic violence beating. Jaquirion Dancer, just two and a half months old, was the victim of a beating that police said ultimately killed him. His mother was too distraught to go on camera, but she shared this picture with us, so people can remember her baby boy.

Theresa Brown Joplin: This kind of thing could only be done by a heartless/ soles type of person. animals wouldn't do such a thing. so all I can say is he is inhumane! So so sorry for the mother of the child, I can't even imagine the pain she is going through.

Tina Proveaux: dam this pisses me off, this is pure evil

User from Mars: RIP little angel . Your death will not go unpunished.

Camri Howell: OMG that is so sad poor sweet beautiful baby 😢💔 prayers go out to the mother n family hope he gets everything that's coming to him

Joretta Ann Wimmer: Prayers to the family


User from TX - 10 days ago
Lanette Dieter - 10 days ago
makes me sick to my stomach,, poor hapless child..
Lanette Dieter - 10 days ago
why would she not put the baby down so he wasn't hit..
Jessica Soto - 11 days ago
horrible.. baby daddy going down
Diana Rubio - 11 days ago
im sorry for the baby not for the mother she should be in jail too,if knew how he was she should run away cause your kids should be more important than anything,instated of forgiving and abusive partner and try it again get the hell out of there,im tired of this news where inocents pay the price because of our mistakes,and yes i know what im talking about i lived it with my baby's daddy and i decided to get up amd walk away so he didn't hurt me anymore and i was prego i needed him but i wasn't gonna let him do it again i know it's not easy but a lot of times is not their fault but ours why does something like this have to happend to finally open your eyes
M!zund3rstood Qu33N - 11 days ago
my deepest condolences to his mother..this is absolutely heartbreaking, he is such a handsome guy and you were so brave for holding him and never letting go. a beautiful mother, i pray for your peace. be strong now for your son and leave your abuser. he will not change. i am a survivor and will pray for your strength. peace be with you and family and baby (heaven's angel) 💖
User from VA - 12 days ago
Black people are a menace since they think they were the only people that were slaves well you need to read this Thugs- Black supremacy or black supremacism is a racial supremacist belief which maintains that black people are superior to people of other races. The term has been used by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP. Gosh I wish other races had something like that NAAWP.
Barbara Troiano - 12 days ago
Teresa Jonadab - 12 days ago
just stap him SLOWLY EVERYWHERE 😡😡
User from KY - 12 days ago
Skeptical Male - 12 days ago
you people's "god" allowed it to happen.
KENDRA WILLIAMS - 12 days ago
Angel - 13 days ago
what? they didn't charge the mother? oh, nm this isn't Alabama.
Sandra Bonds - 13 days ago
So send the tard to population so the big dogs can brutalize him.😡😡
rierie - 14 days ago
Women need to get tf away fron insecure,fked up men. Im sure this wasnt the first time he's beaten her. Why would you want to be in a relationship like that and subject your children to that dysfunctional type of life!
Sokie Montoya - 14 days ago
It really broke my heart when I seen this, it could only have been done by a cold heartless monster. My Heart goes out to the mother of this Precious Lil Angel, R.I.P. Lil Angel...
Cyndy Blakey - 14 days ago
the prisoners won't do nothing to him!but, I speak from experience about that!that poor innocent baby 😢 God help this mother heal!
Williemae Akins - 15 days ago
I'm trying to hold these tears,,, looking at baby picture,I can't help but cry,he so innocent praying for the mother,,,,r.i.p baby boy god have you,,,he is so handsome
Kevin Brown - 16 days ago
People better be glad I'm not the governor and I hate her for messing with that POS.
Rich Davis - 16 days ago
sad sick people
Jackie Bigford VanGuilder - 16 days ago
Seriously this is the 3rd story of this senseless abuse of children. In one of the stories the mother was pleaded down to 30 to 40 months after her and the father locked their 5 children in bedrooms with no food or water and not allowed to use the bathroom (made to wear diapers). Ages 2-7 and it took several times I do believe they were there at least 10 times. Then another father (no word yet on the if the mother was involved some how) 3 month old beaten so badly that they had to transport her to U of M Children's hospital. They also said that there were older injury's that were not treated. Now this story what in the world is wrong with people who do this? If you don't want kids then do the right thing and give the baby or children up for adoption or by condoms and use them!!!! We need to stop this now and I hope the prosecutor and judge do the right thing and lock them away and throw away the key!!!!
Nancy Silavent - 17 days ago
work of the devil
Nancy Silavent - 17 days ago
animals do better than this dog
Rick Brown - 17 days ago
Carlos Carlos - 19 days ago
Char Lee - 19 days ago
Chances are this isn’t the first domestic violence episode. Women need to start choosing their children over men!
Muriel Brown - 20 days ago
r.i.p lil angel
Nina Stephens - 20 days ago
These mother's needs to stop putting kids in the way when they arguing alot of females use kids for there protection nd my heart goes out to her
Cindy Curry - 22 days ago
RIP Little One
SexyMan - 23 days ago
time to thin out the herd, we need a good plague or some disaster